Dress warmly for SANCTUARY NYC:)

So…amazingly enough we are looking at snow in October…
As many of you know, we are working with West Park Presbyterian Church to get the new boiler up and functioning.
It hasn’t snowed in NYC in October in 100 years…
We thought we had a couple more weeks to get this handled.
So….dress warmly, bring your blankets…You will have a fun and inspiring time anyway…for sure

Life Is What Happens While We’re Busy Making Other Plans

Dear SANCTUARY NYC Friends ,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to a new experience in NYC.
I think it is John Lennon who said “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”
I love that idea, because it addresses two things…Living in the NOW…even when it feels strange perhaps…and the second part is about Visioning…making plans…being willing to envision a future based upon the deepest knowing in us and allowing that to pull us forward.

I am so grateful for the nine months of birthing of a whole infrastructure for a dynamic, creative, ancient wisdom/new thought arts and service based spiritual community in Post 9/11 New York City.
I am grateful for a few reasons…
One is that I didn’t give up, even when there seemed to be all kinds of “reasons” to do that, another is that I kept creating and refining and listening to something creative that was trying to emerge, another is that I continued to make friends and connections with so many all over the City…and to get involved with the neighborhood on the Upper Westside.
And those friends are now working with us as partners as we allow a big idea to come through.

So here is the miracle…SANCTUARY NYC sprung forth out of all of this preparation, even though I had really no idea I was preparing for it!
This is a huge life lesson for all of us I think.
If we allow ourselves to become mired in what seems difficult, we so often miss the miracle that is trying to crack through the shell we thought was our
outer limit.
But it wasn’t! It never is!!

The SANCTUARY NYC Ministry Team was already in place, the Spiritual Principles and Practices, and Core Values were already in place, the Global World Music was already in place.
Our friendship with Rev. Bob Brashear and the congregation at West Park, and with the Center at West Park is one of the incredible creative collaborations you will experience as is the relationship with Rev. Diane Berke and One Spirit interfaith Learning Alliance.
Susan Merson will be leading our Creative Arts Department, and Jeremy Mage is wailing with the unbelievable SANCTUARY NYC choir, and with guest musicians from around the globe.
We have already introduced the visual art component to our Sunday experience, and you can expect more of that.

You probably have heard the story about the nice farmer who wanted to help the little chicken come out of it’s egg, so it cracked the egg for him…and the little guy almost didn’t make it.
The pecking away at the shell was natures’ way of developing the strength the little chick needed to get up and walk around and be alive!

So Welcome to “SANCTUARY NYC!!! An Urban Oasis With A Global (Heart) Beat”…a place where you will be invited to explore what your deepest calling is, and then given opportunities to draw that gift forward in community, and then to share it with the world.
Stay tuned, come on Sundays at 2 pm to 86th and Amsterdam Avenue.

Check out our new Website at http://www.SANCTUARYNYC.org
Keep pecking!!

With love and appreciation,
See you Sunday!!
Rev. Jane

Peace and blessings – First Entry

I am here to be of service to God’s idea of what is emerging as a community for the sacred in this Post 9/11 New York City. How do we make sense of a world which is changing so radically at every level, where systems which used to support are destabilized beyond recognition, and where we are in need of a connection to the deepest truth? My vision is to create a place for a “deep spiritual path” focus- in community- which utilizes creativity, the arts and sacred service and action for n the door to understanding one another as the Beloved Community (Josiah Royce)

My vision is to grow a teaching/learning/celebrating/serving community where people deepen into the teachings of the wisdom traditions of many cultures. If we understand the myths, the music and cultures of different traditions, we have a way into seeing those people as family. To bring that to life, our Sunday service incorporates World Music/Gospel Music/Classical Music/Jazz/Dance/Live Painting during services/community outreach. Jeremy Mage is the perfect co conspirator in this experiment, as he is a deeply soulful musician with an amazing breadth and depth My vision includes building a strong youth program. My vision includes building the gifts of our ministry core so that we actually have a ministry staff. I see this community collaborating with other communities so that we can synergyze our efforts to become a positive force for good.

And I remain open at the top to hear the leading of Spirit…as this SANCTUARY NYC comes forth. Peace and blessings, and deepest gratitude. Rev. Jane