Peace and blessings – First Entry

I am here to be of service to God’s idea of what is emerging as a community for the sacred in this Post 9/11 New York City. How do we make sense of a world which is changing so radically at every level, where systems which used to support are destabilized beyond recognition, and where we are in need of a connection to the deepest truth? My vision is to create a place for a “deep spiritual path” focus- in community- which utilizes creativity, the arts and sacred service and action for n the door to understanding one another as the Beloved Community (Josiah Royce)

My vision is to grow a teaching/learning/celebrating/serving community where people deepen into the teachings of the wisdom traditions of many cultures. If we understand the myths, the music and cultures of different traditions, we have a way into seeing those people as family. To bring that to life, our Sunday service incorporates World Music/Gospel Music/Classical Music/Jazz/Dance/Live Painting during services/community outreach. Jeremy Mage is the perfect co conspirator in this experiment, as he is a deeply soulful musician with an amazing breadth and depth My vision includes building a strong youth program. My vision includes building the gifts of our ministry core so that we actually have a ministry staff. I see this community collaborating with other communities so that we can synergyze our efforts to become a positive force for good.

And I remain open at the top to hear the leading of Spirit…as this SANCTUARY NYC comes forth. Peace and blessings, and deepest gratitude. Rev. Jane

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