Social Media, Relative Priorities and and and>>>

Ok Friends- In the attempt to get more people aware of the great work of SANCTUARY NYC we have been working with a social media person…who will be great I know. However, in the short term, somehow a thousand YouTubes from a previous incarnation have been posted all over the place…having NOTHING to do with SANCTUARY NYC,..They are edited clips and may or not make a lot of sense to you out of context…If they don’t make sense to me, I am assuming they are a bafflement to some of you…like all 5 million people on Facebook…oh god
Is this how the Egyptian “revolution” got started???
There are many important things to think about…Like the fact that 25 percent of America’s children do not have enough to eat, that lgbtq people are still not free to marry in most US states, that our civil rights are eroding…you know…important stuff.
This Facebook thing will get straightened out. Let’s get the rest of it fixed.
Merry happy,
Jane Galloway

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