Awareness and Responsibility

So I had an insight in my Bikram class yesterday. Or I was in the zone enough for an awareness to find me.

I initially decided to become a member of a 99.9% African American denomination because I was so sick of “white” racism, and I wanted to place myself in the category of officially not available to hear one more “white” liberal say one more elitist or racist thing just out of earshot…I had some idea that if I literally became a pat of the community I would be a living repudiation…I actually forgot that- sort of – as the whole process of classes and graduate school and more classes and and…toward ordination- took over.

But now I see that perhaps the work of Anti-racist advocate Tim Wise is perhaps a better way to go. racism is a national wound…and with the lack of education about this country’s history, and with the appalling lack of critical thinking skills which are the result of the removal of civics from school curriculum…and the testing into oblivion of our brilliant young minds…testing on answers they forget ten minutes after the test- I am not sure where we go from here.

I do know that at the level of Spirit, or Ultimate Reality there is only one of us. And I do know that the beauty of our differences is what makes us special…My commitment in this New Year is in part to try to find a way to make a difference in the mis-education of American youth. They are our future…no, they are our present- and we are giving them a crazy world.




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