Anniversary Syndrome

“It is a wonderful discovery , to find that you are a temple, that you have a church inside you, where God is. there is something awful, that is awe inspiring, down at the depths of our own soul” 

Thomas Kelly

The Sanctuary of the Soul
There is something called anniversary syndrome, which is one of the many mysteries of the subconscious mind, the collective unconscious, or the “cloud” where things exist even after we think we have moved on. Without even being aware of significant dates, we sometimes find ourselves re-living events or remembering people and places and then recognize that the memory is linked to an anniversary. Somehow a deeper part of us realizes this, even when our conscious minds do not have a clue. The memories come to us sometimes as very sharp memories, and other times in archetypal symbols. Sometimes we just feel a vague uneasiness or even a full out depression or elation. 
The celebration of the New Year is a time when we collectively recognize the shift, and both culturally and personally a lot of memories fly around the unified field during that time.  Some of them are great and some of them are upsetting. But we can consciously work with them when they do emerge, and help our psyches to use the information they reveal for our evolution.
This Sunday at SANCTUARY NYC we will be honoring the year’s journey, and will spend 15 minutes in meditation/contemplation early in the service, during which time you are invited to allow a clarity to emerge about anything you would like to leave in 2011.  We have some very special music, and the Ministry Team is busily at work creating a beautiful ritual for the service.
I would like to suggest that any of you who are interested begin to take some time to consciously thank all of the experiences of the past year, and get ready to say good bye to anything which is not serving you. 
Emmet Fox teaches about the Vacuum Theory of Prosperity, which states that nature cannot tolerate a vacuum, but WE have to create the vacuum for the new good to emerge. Old thoughts and resentments, old ideas about who we are or what our lives are supposed to look like, are all as much a part of what we might need to discard as are old newspapers. Old news is old news. 
And deep inside, the wonder of discovering YOU is always the result of letting go.
And that place of stillness is where we and G-d are one.
The best is yet to come.
I know it.
See you Sunday,
Rev. Jane

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