Knowing What We Know

“And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they left for their own country by another road.”

Matthew 2:12

There are many ideas about the visit of the Magi (astrologers)  to the supposed birth site of Jesus of Nazareth. The story only appears in one of the books of the New Testament, and the inclusion of this visit from astrologers on a mission spearheaded by Kind Herod- bearing gifts which allegedly foretell the life and death of the child- carries a feeling of mystery and magic with it. it is also ominous and a little scary…like a lot of stories in that book.
The idea that news of this birth had traveled far enough for Herod to be worried about it possibly usurping his power is amazing in itself. It was not easy to get word a far distance in the Ancient Near East! 
Facebook and Twitter, not to mention e-mail and the web, have made the way we communicate very immediate. I have shared with some friends that I see Facebook as the new smoke signals…sending word out to the world…kind of letting people know what is what in your personal life, but also forecasting trends and showing connections among people we never would have known about! It can be a little unnerving actually, but it is also just one more tool for knowing.
This matter of how we communicate with one another is one which is so important. The whole world is connected now, and in an instant we can pick up on things over which we feel no sense of control, but about which we become concerned. Direct communication,  passive aggressive communication and hurtful information is all sent out.  It reminds me though, of something a brilliant playwright once said “words conceal they don’t reveal”.
We risk losing the deeper intuitive knowing which led those wise men/astrologers if we get so” linked in” that we tune out
 Several young people have been so traumatized by the bullying they have received on Facebook that they have actually taken their lives.
In this new year, SANCTUARY NYC will be joining with the Association for Global New Thought, to honor four seasons of ministry focus. The first season begins Jan. 30th and goes through April 4., and is The Season for Nonviolence. We will be focusing our efforts upon tailoring programs and special events which will  deal with how we become nonviolent agents of communication and healing in our world. Stay tuned for numerous special events, film showings, classes, speakers etc, which will be SANCTUARY NYC’s part in this wonderful worldwide effort.
This is also the United Nations Year of Collaboration and Partnership.
It is clear that unless we learn how to really work together, to truly not just cooperate but to also collaborate, we will have limited planetary resources for future generations.
So effective communication skills and real tools for conflict resolution are going to have to be part of the learning models for a sustainable world.
We need to learn how to share….and we need to learn it now.
The stakes are high
The subsequent Seasons are:
A Season for the Earth- April- June
A Season for Humane Service- June- August and
A Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration- September- December
I pray that we will discover together ways to truly “love one another”.
It is really all that counts in the end.
With love,
Rev. Jane

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