‘There’s A Sw…

‘There’s A Sweet Sweet Spirit”


Theme for March:
“You Can’t Rush A Poem”

So uh, this week the newsletter will be short and sweet:)
I am not sure if even I could make it through last week’s letter…but I hope somebody could.
I was trying to say that we are about to be celebrating some more holiday type stuff (Easter/Passover etc) and in an Inter-spiritual context that will be a new experience:)
But I said it a lot longer than that lol
We have been having such a sweet time at SANCTUARY NYC!!   Each week for the last month we have had some really special guest ..dance, music, story telling…
And it turns out this month is no different.
My sister friend, Rev. Raedorah Stewart will be joining us this Sunday to lead into Rev. Ingrid Scott’s message- with some of her fierce poetry- in collaboration with Jeremy and our musicians.
Rev. Raedorah C. Stewart (RevSisRaedorah) is currently a Candidate for Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbytery of the Pacific of the Presbyterian Church (USA) having served over 25 years as ordained clergy in the Baptist church.   She is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA; is a Passing the Mantle scholar of the University of Southern California’s Department of Religion and Civic Engagement.; serves on the Board of Directors of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives at the University of Southern California; and is Co-Chair of Queer Studies in Religion for WECSOR (the Western Region of the American Academy of Religion). Stewart serves the Body of Christ and All Creation as an itinerant preacher, community Bible Study teacher,  and scholar in the American Academy of Religion and in the Society of Biblical Literature.
This goes on and gets deeper, but all I can say is…we are blessed.
Both Rev. Raedorah and I will be attending the Vanderbilt University Womanism Conference at Union this weekend.
The founding mothers of that movement are gathering to both be honored and to present workshops.
AFTER SERVICE , as promised, we will be having a community gathering/meeting/Visioning.
We invite all of you who are part of this Inter-spiritual Movement called SANCTUARY NYC to join us to talk for a bit and to Catch the Vision.
We will have an exciting announcement to share, and a report from our conversations with West Park this week.
As the Prayer of Jabez reminds us “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man/woman what G-d has prepared…”
And so we listen…
Have a sweet week.
With love,
Rev. Jane

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