Stillness Under Pressure

What happened to winter? We have been blessed with an easy winter this year, but no jacket in March? Kind of weird.
The weather change has me thinking about how we sometimes cling onto a winter moment when the spring has already sprung into life all around us. We have got some internal clock which tells us things, and in NYC, it is very often freezing and even snowing in march…so when it is warm and sunny, and daffodils are blooming all over the place…we sometimes find ourselves going outside dressed for a season of cold weather when it is no longer cold!
Sometimes the storm has passed us by and we still have our snowsuits on!
tho ourselves.
I think that is the root of many of the biblical stories…this trying to make sense of floods and earthquakes and crazy things happening …so we blame it on a quixotic, unpredictable God.
I have a friend who is a geographer. She actually told me last year that the reason the weather was so extreme was that it was an “El Nina” year. She also told me that this winter would be mild. And it has been a mild winter. I must admit I would have been tempted to go on the “global warming is upon us” train…as my way of making sense of the weather. but since I knew to expect it, I realized that, while global climate change is no joke, it may not be the sole reason for the mild winter. It was the mild year following the El Nina.  There is an order to the Universe, and storms are part of the order. And storms don’t last forever.
I think we all can feel that there is a kind of quickening in the air. It is 2012, and whatever that really means, those of us who are sensitive to such shifts, are really feeling the rapidity of change, the birthing of new paradigms, the synchronicities and comings and goings and rearrangements, the intense creativity in the air. I would suggest that if we are focusing on what is moving away, or on the change and what has “come to pass’ , we are missing the gift.
The place to be is in the still, quiet eye of the storm. When a hurricane is raging, nature replicates the Creator force, by holding an absolutely still, silent place within the middle of that powerful force for change. And it is there, in that quiet place, “when the storms of life are raging’, that we can commune with the great eternal goodness. That is “the secret place of the most high” of which the bible speaks. 
You can’t rush a poem…but you can find the place from which the poem is being written, or is already written …and allow the pressure to build so that the big bang of creation doesn’t throw you off balance forever, and the new is centered in the wisdom of the silence.
Take a little time to “be still and know” this week.
See you Sunday at 2.

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