“So Let it be Written, So let it be Done”

“‘So Let it be written. so let it be done.”
The depth teachings of ancient Egypt were written in the Shabaka Texts, on a stone actually..the Shabaka Stone!. 
The deity of manifestation was known as Ptah, and the depth teachings of that wisdom path teach us the laws of Mind Action, which are passed down through the ages through different wisdom paths. 
The basic teaching of this ancient African wisdom includes the Science of Affirmations…which many of us utilize through the teachings of the New Thought movement. The point is this: Our lives are a direct result of what we believe – at the deepest level- to be true. Affirmations are a way of calling “being” into being..through the power of thought, written word, and voice. 
Ptah (pronounced Petah) represents the creative principle of the Universe, the force that moves from Spirit into manifestation.
All indigenous wisdom teaches that our human pain comes directly from our forgetfulness that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and not the other way around. In other words, we come here to planet earth to learn through experience, to learn the Universal laws and how to apply them in our lives. So first we conceive of an idea, and then we decide to either call it into being, or we decide to create a different internal reality by not focusing upon that idea. Affirmations and denials…Affirming what we wish to increase, denying that which has “come to pass”.  We have the power of choice.
Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind) and the Fillmores (Unity) all taught about the power of affirmative thought and the important addition of feeling to the mix. Thoughts are things indeed, but until we pair the thoughts with feelings, we don’t really lock them into our subconscious Mind.

Our subconscious mind has no sense of humor or irony. It “believes” exactly what we tell it. So if we say that we are Perfect, Whole, Complete, a Living Expression of the Bounty of the Universe, that is what our subconscious mind will work to make our reality. And of course the converse is true. When we change our thinking, we change our lives. ..and we have the power to do just that…to discipline our thinking, to decide where to invest our emotions, and to consciously use the spoken word to allow the inner and the outer to be congruent with our highest good.
These are Universal truths.
This Sunday we will be focusing not eh Power of our Spoken Word!!!
This is a power teaching. Don’t miss it!!
The May Theme comes from the Emile Zola quote , “When you asks me what I came to do in this world, I will answer you as an artist. I came to live out loud!”
Rev. Ingrid Scott will be speaking and leading our Sunday service with the ministry team for the first two Sundays in May. Stay tuned for a great couple of weeks! 
Rev. Jane will return the third week on May to continue the powerful series AND  in the third week of May we are breaking out TWO new classes.
YOU are a living expression of the YES of the Universe…always striving toward Life.
Have a wonderful week.Image

Talking to Ficuses, Listening to the Earth and Other Earth Day Thoughts

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

Have you ever tried to read a certain book and just not been able to penetrate it? Have you ever gone back to that book later and found it totally easy to read? I had a very notable experience like that years ago when I was trying and trying to read Doris Lessing’s “Golden Notebook”. I had heard such great stuff about it, and I really wanted to read it but I could NOT get past the first ten pages without doing my grocery list in my head, planning a thousand unrelated things…
Then one day I picked up the book and sailed through the whole thing. I was riveted, couldn’t put it down, didn’t want it to end.
What changed? It wasn’t the book to be sure:)
Somehow the capacity for understanding was opened in me. I had changed.
This is the way it is with certain spiritual texts and truths as well. Timing is everything.
We are in a living Universe of consciousness…tables, books, tomatoes and people all have some form of consciousness! This 64 day Season for the Earth is one in which we are really honoring LIFE and getting in touch with our connection to one another and the earth. Author/Gardener Judith Handelsman, in her wonderful book and Sounds True Audio “Spiritual Gardening- Cultivating Love Through Caring for Plants”, talks about so many great things. One which changed my relationship with my garden forever is her instruction on how to transplant a root- bound plant. If you have ever tried to pry one from the pot…with or without water, tools etc., you will appreciate this. It is not easy. 
Judith’s book suggested telling the plant the day before that you are going to be transplanting it the next day, and that you are doing it so that the plant will have more nutrients in a bigger pot or the garden, with fresh soil and plenty of room to grow. I had been trying to get a really root bound ficus out of its’ pot for about a week, and was about to break the pot, but after reading Judith’s book, I decided to have a little chat with the plant. It was a really nice moment actually!
The next day I meditated in the morning, and held my ficus friend in my heart space. Then I went out to the garden and was amazed. She ( I think it’s a girl) slid right out!! Even though I was really hoping it would work, I was shocked at the ease of it all!! I was so grateful and kept thanking the plant lol…But it was a big lesson.
This week, take a little time to feel the life all around you! 
Sunday at 2 pm, we are going to have a really cool ritual to honor the earth and our relationship with it.
Then after service, I would like to invite any of you who would like to meet in a smaller group setting to join me in the Session Room for a sharing time for one hour for a Spirit Talk. Feel free to bring good stuff to eat/drink to share. 
In the third week of May, we will be launching two classes. I will be teaching a class on The Mystic Heart by Wayne Teasdale, for four weeks. We are an Inter-spiritual Community, and this beautiful book really teaches what that actually is all about!
I will also be leading another “Spiritual Growth Through Systematic Autobiography” class for four weeks.
Rev. Tia Oliver is going to be leading a 12 Week Artist’s Way class beginning in June, and Rev. Nancy Napier will be offering her fabulous “Optimum Future Self” class as well.
On June 3rd, Roger Yolanda Mapes, our Assistant Music Director and Ministry Team member, will be doing a Fundraiser for Sanctuary NYC at the Duplex!! There will be a special musical guest that night too. Mark your calendars!! It is during Pride week so …need I say more? Royo is a wonderful talent/Performance Artist,  and is pushing the boundaries of what our perceptions are of gender, religion etc. There are only 75 seats, so I recommend you get your reservations going soon.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
The Universe is alive, and your thoughts matter.
See you Sunday,
With love,
Rev. Jane

The “In Between” Times- Learning From The Earth


Last Sunday in her message Rev. Ingrid Scott caused a quiet moment of “ah ha” to happen in the room when she said “Without forgiveness, there is no blessing”. The idea “landed” in a way which made an impact at least on me, and I am sure on many of you. It has been a fascinating journey to date allowing the fresh idea of SANCTUARY NYC to birth itself amidst many swirling energies. In this moment of looking at the Earth and our relationship to it, we are allowing ourselves to listen in a way which uses more than our ears, to the regenerative power of nature. The concept of forgiveness is not a lightweight happy think idea. If we are to live forgiveness, we must be willing to be open to the pain of loss, to the rearranging of new life, to the falling away of “things as we know them”. Forgiveness is a radical spiritual practice, and is not for the feint of heart.
If you have worked with plants, you know that if you do not understand how plants work, you could often think that a dormant phase is really a dead phase. Plants really know how to go inside to re-source, to rest and refuel. Fruit trees, after a season of luxurious flowering, fruiting, harvesting, begin to slow down. You can hear it if you really listen. They have given their all, have “shown up and shown out”, and the preparation for inner work begins.
Nancy Napier is the Team Lead for the next season at SANCTUARY NYC, which will focus upon our relationship with our planet…planet Earth. Nancy has shared with us that without dirt, there is no life. Dirt is what makes for life on this planet, as opposed to other planets. And dirt, or soil, is created by this cycle of growth and shedding, byImage the rotting of the excess fruit which falls from the trees and creates well…more soil! 
We heard some deep sharing from congregants last Sunday …Honestly I have not been able to get the shares out of my mind. I am so amazed at the resilience, dignity and courage of the human spirit.  It seems that there is something in us which resists really letting the big “drop off” into dormancy happen, but what an amazing rebirth comes forth when the cycle moves ahead. Whatever part of the cycle you are in, I would encourage you to know that you are one with the natural rhythm of the Universe, and you are an essential and beautiful expression of the fullness of life more abundant.
Looking forward to hearing the Voices of SANCTUARY NYC this Sunday.
They will be bringing some music about water to us…which is the essential component for life to sustain on planet Earth
We have had so many amazing guest artists lately, and the solid back up of the music team has been awesome.
So I for one cannot wait to hear them this week.
Life is eternal…and eternity works through cycles of life, death, rebirth…
Listening to the rhythm of life with you…
See you Sunday,
Rev. Jane

“In That Great Getting’ Up Mornin”

“Careful musicologists, from studying phonograph records of folk singing rather than, as earlier, inadequate, conventional notations of “art” spirituals, are coming around to the verdict of Alan Lomax that “no amount of scholarly analysis and discussion can ever make a Negro spiritual sound like a white spiritual.” Sterling Roberts

Hello SANCTUARY NYC Friends,
Our theme for the month of April comes from a Negro Spiritual which is at least 100 years old. The real meaning probably speaks to the biblical idea of “Judgement Day” but  that whole concept means different things to different folks. The community out of which this deep music comes was waiting for some G-d to pass judgement- finally- on the oppressive people and systems they endured. And so it was GREAT news to think that there was some heavenly day of reckoning that they didn’t have to worry about. But for me there is still so much meaning in the whole thing…It speaks to getting’ up, in a way that feels like resurrection. “In that great getting’ up morning’ no man can injure me!”   If you try anything big, you need to be prepared for push back. the bigger the idea, the bigger the push back. And sometimes we end up in some pretty dark corners while we are going through the character building phase of that process. But the worst thing we can do is to stop trying, to stop dreaming, to stop contributing. We fall down all the time if we are about anything. But it’s the “getting’ up” that makes the difference between defeat and victory. and you are made to get up!!!
Both Passover and Easter celebrate the G-d of miracles in tough places…really in impossible places. The tenth biblical plague which was visited on the people of Israel before they could get out of bondage in Egypt was the death of all of the first born. But a miracle signaled the passing over…and the children were saved. The tomb was not to hold Jesus either, and after three days in that extremely dead place, he rose again. 
If you have experienced pain and the death of dreams or loved ones or of hope…and we all have, this is such a sacred time of year, because there is ample proof that the same G-d which passed over the homes and empowered the resurrection is still speaking. You are living proof of that!
This Sunday at 2 pm we are going to have an amazing service to really lean into this miraculous process of descent and emergence.
The music, dance, messages and fellowship will be memorable and inspiring, and we look so forward to having you join us.
No matter what you are going through in your life, please know that you are never alone, that G-d is able, is ever present, all seeing, all knowing,  and  is working it out.
And THAT is good news.
With love and thanks,
Rev. Jane