The “In Between” Times- Learning From The Earth


Last Sunday in her message Rev. Ingrid Scott caused a quiet moment of “ah ha” to happen in the room when she said “Without forgiveness, there is no blessing”. The idea “landed” in a way which made an impact at least on me, and I am sure on many of you. It has been a fascinating journey to date allowing the fresh idea of SANCTUARY NYC to birth itself amidst many swirling energies. In this moment of looking at the Earth and our relationship to it, we are allowing ourselves to listen in a way which uses more than our ears, to the regenerative power of nature. The concept of forgiveness is not a lightweight happy think idea. If we are to live forgiveness, we must be willing to be open to the pain of loss, to the rearranging of new life, to the falling away of “things as we know them”. Forgiveness is a radical spiritual practice, and is not for the feint of heart.
If you have worked with plants, you know that if you do not understand how plants work, you could often think that a dormant phase is really a dead phase. Plants really know how to go inside to re-source, to rest and refuel. Fruit trees, after a season of luxurious flowering, fruiting, harvesting, begin to slow down. You can hear it if you really listen. They have given their all, have “shown up and shown out”, and the preparation for inner work begins.
Nancy Napier is the Team Lead for the next season at SANCTUARY NYC, which will focus upon our relationship with our planet…planet Earth. Nancy has shared with us that without dirt, there is no life. Dirt is what makes for life on this planet, as opposed to other planets. And dirt, or soil, is created by this cycle of growth and shedding, byImage the rotting of the excess fruit which falls from the trees and creates well…more soil! 
We heard some deep sharing from congregants last Sunday …Honestly I have not been able to get the shares out of my mind. I am so amazed at the resilience, dignity and courage of the human spirit.  It seems that there is something in us which resists really letting the big “drop off” into dormancy happen, but what an amazing rebirth comes forth when the cycle moves ahead. Whatever part of the cycle you are in, I would encourage you to know that you are one with the natural rhythm of the Universe, and you are an essential and beautiful expression of the fullness of life more abundant.
Looking forward to hearing the Voices of SANCTUARY NYC this Sunday.
They will be bringing some music about water to us…which is the essential component for life to sustain on planet Earth
We have had so many amazing guest artists lately, and the solid back up of the music team has been awesome.
So I for one cannot wait to hear them this week.
Life is eternal…and eternity works through cycles of life, death, rebirth…
Listening to the rhythm of life with you…
See you Sunday,
Rev. Jane

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