Talking to Ficuses, Listening to the Earth and Other Earth Day Thoughts

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

Have you ever tried to read a certain book and just not been able to penetrate it? Have you ever gone back to that book later and found it totally easy to read? I had a very notable experience like that years ago when I was trying and trying to read Doris Lessing’s “Golden Notebook”. I had heard such great stuff about it, and I really wanted to read it but I could NOT get past the first ten pages without doing my grocery list in my head, planning a thousand unrelated things…
Then one day I picked up the book and sailed through the whole thing. I was riveted, couldn’t put it down, didn’t want it to end.
What changed? It wasn’t the book to be sure:)
Somehow the capacity for understanding was opened in me. I had changed.
This is the way it is with certain spiritual texts and truths as well. Timing is everything.
We are in a living Universe of consciousness…tables, books, tomatoes and people all have some form of consciousness! This 64 day Season for the Earth is one in which we are really honoring LIFE and getting in touch with our connection to one another and the earth. Author/Gardener Judith Handelsman, in her wonderful book and Sounds True Audio “Spiritual Gardening- Cultivating Love Through Caring for Plants”, talks about so many great things. One which changed my relationship with my garden forever is her instruction on how to transplant a root- bound plant. If you have ever tried to pry one from the pot…with or without water, tools etc., you will appreciate this. It is not easy. 
Judith’s book suggested telling the plant the day before that you are going to be transplanting it the next day, and that you are doing it so that the plant will have more nutrients in a bigger pot or the garden, with fresh soil and plenty of room to grow. I had been trying to get a really root bound ficus out of its’ pot for about a week, and was about to break the pot, but after reading Judith’s book, I decided to have a little chat with the plant. It was a really nice moment actually!
The next day I meditated in the morning, and held my ficus friend in my heart space. Then I went out to the garden and was amazed. She ( I think it’s a girl) slid right out!! Even though I was really hoping it would work, I was shocked at the ease of it all!! I was so grateful and kept thanking the plant lol…But it was a big lesson.
This week, take a little time to feel the life all around you! 
Sunday at 2 pm, we are going to have a really cool ritual to honor the earth and our relationship with it.
Then after service, I would like to invite any of you who would like to meet in a smaller group setting to join me in the Session Room for a sharing time for one hour for a Spirit Talk. Feel free to bring good stuff to eat/drink to share. 
In the third week of May, we will be launching two classes. I will be teaching a class on The Mystic Heart by Wayne Teasdale, for four weeks. We are an Inter-spiritual Community, and this beautiful book really teaches what that actually is all about!
I will also be leading another “Spiritual Growth Through Systematic Autobiography” class for four weeks.
Rev. Tia Oliver is going to be leading a 12 Week Artist’s Way class beginning in June, and Rev. Nancy Napier will be offering her fabulous “Optimum Future Self” class as well.
On June 3rd, Roger Yolanda Mapes, our Assistant Music Director and Ministry Team member, will be doing a Fundraiser for Sanctuary NYC at the Duplex!! There will be a special musical guest that night too. Mark your calendars!! It is during Pride week so …need I say more? Royo is a wonderful talent/Performance Artist,  and is pushing the boundaries of what our perceptions are of gender, religion etc. There are only 75 seats, so I recommend you get your reservations going soon.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
The Universe is alive, and your thoughts matter.
See you Sunday,
With love,
Rev. Jane

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