“So Let it be Written, So let it be Done”

“‘So Let it be written. so let it be done.”
The depth teachings of ancient Egypt were written in the Shabaka Texts, on a stone actually..the Shabaka Stone!. 
The deity of manifestation was known as Ptah, and the depth teachings of that wisdom path teach us the laws of Mind Action, which are passed down through the ages through different wisdom paths. 
The basic teaching of this ancient African wisdom includes the Science of Affirmations…which many of us utilize through the teachings of the New Thought movement. The point is this: Our lives are a direct result of what we believe – at the deepest level- to be true. Affirmations are a way of calling “being” into being..through the power of thought, written word, and voice. 
Ptah (pronounced Petah) represents the creative principle of the Universe, the force that moves from Spirit into manifestation.
All indigenous wisdom teaches that our human pain comes directly from our forgetfulness that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and not the other way around. In other words, we come here to planet earth to learn through experience, to learn the Universal laws and how to apply them in our lives. So first we conceive of an idea, and then we decide to either call it into being, or we decide to create a different internal reality by not focusing upon that idea. Affirmations and denials…Affirming what we wish to increase, denying that which has “come to pass”.  We have the power of choice.
Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind) and the Fillmores (Unity) all taught about the power of affirmative thought and the important addition of feeling to the mix. Thoughts are things indeed, but until we pair the thoughts with feelings, we don’t really lock them into our subconscious Mind.

Our subconscious mind has no sense of humor or irony. It “believes” exactly what we tell it. So if we say that we are Perfect, Whole, Complete, a Living Expression of the Bounty of the Universe, that is what our subconscious mind will work to make our reality. And of course the converse is true. When we change our thinking, we change our lives. ..and we have the power to do just that…to discipline our thinking, to decide where to invest our emotions, and to consciously use the spoken word to allow the inner and the outer to be congruent with our highest good.
These are Universal truths.
This Sunday we will be focusing not eh Power of our Spoken Word!!!
This is a power teaching. Don’t miss it!!
The May Theme comes from the Emile Zola quote , “When you asks me what I came to do in this world, I will answer you as an artist. I came to live out loud!”
Rev. Ingrid Scott will be speaking and leading our Sunday service with the ministry team for the first two Sundays in May. Stay tuned for a great couple of weeks! 
Rev. Jane will return the third week on May to continue the powerful series AND  in the third week of May we are breaking out TWO new classes.
YOU are a living expression of the YES of the Universe…always striving toward Life.
Have a wonderful week.Image

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