Soup From A Stone

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
Our theme this month is focusing on the idea of Path, Journey, wholeness.
A broad definition of Yoga, is “a physical, mental and spiritual discipline traditionally undertaken to focus the devotee on an inner path.

The Sanskrit word yoga has the literal meaning of “yoke”, from a root yuj meaning ‘to join’, ‘to unite’, or ‘to attach’. 

So we are looking at how we can use core concepts to deepen our practice, and to “yoke” us to our Source energy.
This week I will be focusing on “The yoga of Yes”.

One of my favorite metaphysical stories about manifestation is disguised as a children’s tale.
Soup from a Stone tells the powerful story of both belief, and the power of yes.
A man enters a village with nothing but a cooking pot and a stone.
He engages various people along the way, first starting with a woman, whom he persuades to share a carrot for his amazing stone soup. 
He tells each person along the way that he can show them how to make “Soup from a Stone’.
So after the carrot, he adds some potatoes, then some onions etc.
You get the point.

HIS contribution to the delicious soup was his belief and his imagination and his cooking pot and stone.
He also gave the gift of opening a door into prosperity to each person who contributed to the wonderful meal.
Standing alone, no one’s contribution would have made a real stew.
But each person’s gift, along with the power of belief, gave them an opportune ity to share a wonderful meal together…and make some new friends too.
They all said “YES”.

This Sunday please plan to stay after service to join us for a reception honoring the recent graduates of One Spirit Seminary who are a part of our Sanctuary NYC community. You will be getting to know them better this year, as each one of the active group is working with us on some specific area of the ministry.
Then after the reception, join us in the sanctuary again for a screening of “Dirt- The Movie”
This film is a part of our observance of The Season for The Earth, and you will be amazed to learn, as I was, about the critical importance of soil for life to exist on earth, and how you can make sure we continue to have some!
The film will be followed by a discussion.
Suggested donation- $15.00

If you have not been a part of the Optimal Future Self class, I encourage you to come to experience the next two weeks of this four week course taught by Rev. Nancy Napier. All I can tell you is…you will be really glad you attended. Wow.

Also, remember next Sunday, June 24th, immediately after service, we will be joining our Sanctuary NYC contingent to march in the Pride parade.
We showed our banner to you all last Sunday…Thank you David Brown for design and Joyce for printing. It is amazing!!!
Once again, we will be walking, not driving, so bring your high heels with you in a bag for after the march:)

In July, my optimal future self and I will be beginning a weekly study of”Autobiography of a Yogi” on Wednesday evenings. 
I will still hold love offering pastoral counseling hours on Wednesday, but will have to rearrange the hours somehow to accommodate the class.
Stay tuned for details.

Remember, your journey in life is interior, And when we really get that, and say YES to the opening into our true nature, hold onto your hats.
The journey begins…
Saying Yes…
With gratitude for each of you,
Rev. Jane

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