Oneness In Motion

Dear Sanctuary NYC,
We’re havin’ a heat wave!!!  I trust that you are all finding ways to stay cool.
The good news is that it was cool and comfortable at West Park last night for the third installment of Nancy Napier’s “Optimal Future Self” class, and will be for our Sunday service as well.
I cannot adequately express the depth, profundity and subtlety of this class Nancy is offering. We have had a wonderful three weeks and will finish up next Wednesday. I want to say Thank You to Nancy and to all of the participants. You have honored us by sharing your inner journey.
This Sunday we are going to be attending as a group, the NYC Pride March, immediately after our Sunday service from 2-3:30.
We have a plan for traveling together, for meeting up with the Sanctuary NYC group already in place, cell phones and texting and walkie talkie’s activated.
SO here are the particulars:
We are suggesting that everyone wear something in the blue/green/chartreuse family to identify us as a group. The fabulous brochures we will be sharing along the way are in these colors and our business cards and logo are too. 
Make sure you are hydrated before we take off. Drink at least three glasses of water in the am, and remember that we want to stay upright as we travel the road to freedom.
The weather is supposed to have broken by then so we should be comfortable.
Jeffrey and Michelle and Kristina will be serving as deputies for the group.
Jeffrey is the “go to ” guy.
So now a couple of words about why attend Pride as a spiritual community.
There are so many people who are outside of the scope of the freedom we experience in NYC regarding the right to be fully who we are.
There are also many who are carrying around some internal message from their childhoods that God does not accept them because they are LGBT,or Q
And a lot of them received that message in a spiritual community.
There is still oppression and worse going on worldwide regarding the right to be openly LGBT or Q 
And so I have always felt that it is critical for spiritual communities to get themselves out there to say “You are GREAT and GOD is sending that message”…and to do it with joy and style and celebration!
I was fortunate to win a GLAD Award some years ago for a role I played in Craig Lucas’s American Playhouse film, Blue Window. At that ceremony, Stephen Botchko, the creator of Hill Street Blues and other television series, also received an award for the one gay character on that show.  I will never forget his remarks upon accepting his award. He said,” There should be no reason for anyone to have to receive an award for honestly and honorably portraying a gay character on network television. Since this is still the exception rather than the rule however, I accept this award with gratitude and will display it prominently and proudly.”
So in a sense, we are displaying our Oneness prominently and proudly by having a field trip as a community to Pride 2012.
We look forward to seeing you there, and to having a great time together.
This Sunday I will be talking about “The Yoga of…Gratitude”
Yoga means practice, means Path, means spiritual discipline.
Asanas are physical exercises which can be part of the Hatha Yoga path, but you can be a Yogi and never move a muscle:)
It is the discipline of the path we are looking at in this series.
Expressing gratitude is a powerful practice.
The poet e.e. cummings has said it eloquently “i thank you god for most this amazing day”
Have you told the people in your life that you appreciate them lately?
Have you told the “problems” in your life that you appreciate them lately?
Sending love and gratitude to all of you.
See you on Sunday!
Rev. Jane

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