Where To Look For The Key- Hint- (inside)

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,


Gratitude and Forgiveness are two spiritual practices that are intertwined.  These two themes are our focus for the month of August.  One of our greatest teachers, Jesus of Nazareth, taught the wisdom path that directs our spiritual search to “the Kingdom of G-d within.”  This is a radical and revolutionary teaching.  


Many interpreters have obscured the profound wisdom and power of this teaching.  Yet through the process of reconnecting to the deep Spirit within, we are able to access the experience of connection to Source, which needs no interpretation. It speaks for itself.  We become truly powerful by connecting to the Source of the power.  And the way to find Source is to go within.


Gratitude and forgiveness are both tools that open the path inward so that we may access the deeper wisdom and The Kingdom of G-d. Resentment and fear clog the pathway. In order to travel the path to the inner Source, a daily practice of saying thank you is an invaluable tool. Jesus teaches that if you are on your way to the altar to give your “gift”, and realize on your way there that you hold a grudge against your sister or brother, you should first go to that person and make the amend and then make your offering.


Our offerings come in many forms.  The easiest way to understand this is to know that the way we come to any situation makes all the difference.  Motive is everything.  Our relationships, according to A Course In Miracles, all of our relationships, are assignments, which are focused upon teaching us to see one another as love. It would be very difficult to live in a world where every single relationship presented a troublesome challenge, but the teaching of wise ones from many paths indicate that these are our deepest teachers. 


Today I am grateful for the continual teaching of nature. I am grateful for the planet that shows me it is leaning toward Source by seeking the sun. I am grateful for the lesson that some plants are designed to flourish in many different climates and that some thrive only in very specific settings. I am grateful for the teachers who have come in the form of challenging relationships, of seeming betrayals and of losses. I am grateful that by exercising radical self-forgiveness first, I can see these teachers through the lens of love. I am grateful for the gentle move forward that reminds me everything changes.  Everything evolves.  Only I stay stuck if I hold on to a resentment. Life has already moved on.


Today I see each of us in the Light of this Truth. The Kingdom of G-d is within.

I am grateful for YOU.


See you Sunday.


Rev. Jane


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