It’s ALL A Gift


Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends, 
Do you notice the blessings that appear in your life? The story about the Eskimo is one that people use in Twelve Step conversations about the presence of the power of the Universe working through people. It tells about a man who somehow got himself out on a sled in the middle of the arctic and had no clue how to get to safety. He was stranded, freezing to death, and utterly alone. He was also an atheist, and yet in that desperate situation he thought he would give a shout out to any possible aid. So he yelled out “OK God if you exist, PLEASE SAVE ME! I promise if you do I will tell people about it, and will remember that you are my Source.” 
About a second later, an Eskimo with a dog sled appeared, and rescued the guy.  He wrapped him up in blankets and took him to a warm place. As he sat drinking a hot chocolate, with his frost bitten feet thawing by a crackling fire, someone said to him, “Wow, God must really like you!” 
“God?” said the man, “That wasn’t God! It was an Eskimo!”
Anyway, you get the point. Miracles are all around us, in many disguises. It is our job to recognize them! 
We are looking at the two topics of Forgiveness and Gratitude this month. Another profound part of the 12 Step Path involves becoming ready to really look at ourselves in a deep way, in order to see where we may have injured ourselves and/or others. I must say, only the desperate seem willing to go to this depth to find the road back to their true self. I am glad that at one time I was truly desperate enough to say yes to the downward avalanche that was my emotional life. 
There is such wisdom in the 12 Step teaching that says that we do no one a favor by preventing them from hitting a bottom. I see the bottom in my own case, that I hit many years ago, as a kind of miracle trampoline! As soon as I really really went down down down, and felt that sense of utter aloneness and despair, something in me became willing to surrender. And honestly the second I did that, there was an Eskimo in my bedroom! The bottom I hit turned out to have springs in it!  There was a whole new life waiting for me to say YES!!
I learned that day that my gift was never going to be re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic – my Titanic or anyone else’s. My job was going to be a daily surrender to the creative action of love and grace in my heart, to be truly willing to say “this or something better…I will to will thy will.”
And what a ride it has been, and continues to be!  
I would like to encourage you this week to look around at every seeming trial as a gift. What is it trying to tell you? What is trying to emerge through you to connect you to the cosmic force which truly IS, to your own version of supernatural resilience, to your trampoline? This week we give thanks for the things that refuse to make “staying stuck” easy.  We recognize the messengers who may be our very own God/Eskimos. And we become truly ready to spring forth into our greater good.
Have a great week.
I am grateful for YOU!!!
See you Sunday at 2!
With love,
Rev. Jane

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