“What Mind Can Conceive…”

Hey Sanctuary NYC,
What is Abundance?
The dictionary tells us it is “having more than enough, continually flowing…”.
I want to also suggest that abundance is a CONSCIOUSNESS of having more than enough, continually flowing!”
An experience really brought this home to me last Sunday.  When I was shown the total offering figure after our service, I misread it as being three thousand dollars more than it was on the page!!  I was surprised and delighted of course, but honestly it didn’t change the way I felt all that much.  I FEEL the abundance all around.  I told a few of our key leaders the figure I thought I had seen, and they weren’t surprised either!  I love that! LOL.  We ALL feel the movement of Spirit, and EXPECT to see abundance. 
What I know to be true, is that it is only a matter of seconds until whatever we thought we brought in, and more, comes in. How do I know this? I know this because this is the way the LAW works.  “As within, so without” is a spiritual law.  We can be surrounded by opulence, but if we have a mind set of lack, it will mean NOTHING!
             Ralph Waldo Emerson said “How do I know what I think until I hear what I have to say?”  What I saw on Sunday is what I KNOW, not just what I THINK, that we are surrounded by a sea of abundance, and no figures on a page define the size of the abundance.  We are free when we are mentally free.  This is what Jesus was talking about when he said, “You shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free.”
I am really deeply grateful for the Sanctuary NYC community, for the West Park community, and for so many of the creative artists and friends who have been on this journey of waking up together for the past almost year. I hear so much laughter these days. The mood is lighter, while the spiritual practice is deeper.  The music is more soulful than ever, and our focus on being a beneficial presence on the planet more evident.  This is, to me, the perfect definition of a spiritual community.  And by the way, laughter, REAL laughter is the deepest spiritual practice I know.
As we approach our anniversary month, get ready for some wonderful times and save the date for our Inter-faith/Inter-spiritual Candlelight community Service on December 23rd, sponsored by Sanctuary NYC and West Park Presbyterian: “Welcoming Back the Light.”  We are inviting spiritual communities all over the Upper Westside to join us in this evening service, and are looking forward to the amazing collaborative music of our friends from the In Performance Music Workshop Jazz Orchestra, along with the Sounds of Sanctuary, for that service.
             The Ministry Team and I are busy preparing our Book of Sacred Rituals that will detail all of the sacred observances, created over the last year to mark different significant moments in our calendar, and now ready to be repeated for a new year!! 
This week, check out your inner abundance meter!! 
Mine is on FULL and OVERFLOWING!!!
Can’t wait to see what comes next,
BTW, for anyone who is interested, we have amended our offering ritual so that if you want to come down to the front to donate, you are still going to be able to do it, and if you want to stay in your seats, one of our Ministry Team will meet you there with a basket:) 
Looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday at 2.
We love to see your face!!
Blessings and abundance to all,
Rev. Jane

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