Lay Your Burdens Down- Be YOU!!

Dear Friends,
I had an Ah Ha moment this week. The details do not matter but the content does.  I love God.  I love the fact that somehow God saw fit to call me into a different level of life than I lived as an actress, and literally swapped out the old me and gave me a passion for the possible that re-fuels me every day.
             Not to sound like Ross Perot, but I am horrified by the situation I see it in this country.  People are losing houses and hope and pensions and access to health care.  Occupancy in the homeless shelters in Manhattan where I live has gone up 15% just since last Fall.  Children are trying to start school without having a place to live after school.  And this is happening while the 1% is becoming richer.
I think it is great for everyone to discover God.  I am sure that God thinks it is great too, whatever God is exactly.  But I do NOT see the spiritual awakening as a last step, but rather as a FIRST step.
             Once you reconnect to the Power and Presence and Animating Force that is God-in-me, AND God-who-creates me, not a guy in a beard, or a guy at all but the power of LIFE more abundant, that exists in the quantum field, that exists in the members of Congress and the House and in the meanest most horrible person you know as much as it exists in your best friend and inside EACH of us.  IF you are able to really access that power as your only internal guide, I KNOW that your life will be transformed.
I also know that you cannot keep it unless you give it away.  I am not a self-help guru.  I am not even a self-help teacher.  Self help tips without God, and without service, are to me, meaningless, narcissistic and ultimately specious.
             I am an artist, a painter, a writer, a lover of God. I am an actress with a Doctorate in Religion and a relationship with the energy and life reveled anew to me each day through the Jesus path.
             I love the wisdom teachings from all religious paths, and I honor them all.
And my path is the Jesus path.
             I am a teacher and a lover and I love art and fashion and creative expression and I believe that all IS GOD.
I am not everything.
I am not anybody else.
I am these things.
And so, to the tired depressed  lady I sometimes see in the mirror, I say it’s all right honey.  Relax. Take a breath. Just let God use you, but make sure it is YOU.  And to all of you, I would say the same thing.
Let God use you.
We have an amazing next couple of months planned for Sanctuary NYC.  We are hosting a salon to talk about how new structures might come together to create meaning in the middle of the city.  We would love to hear from you at that event, about what you are needing, what your heart longs for, and why you want to gather together with others.
I want to hear from you.  I am going to host a Spirit Talk With the Rev this Sunday after the service to hear from you, and I am available to talk, to have coffee, whatever.
Please come to share and tell me who you are and what it is you long for.
That’s how I roll.
So grateful for each of you.
See you Sunday, when our new topics for the month will be: Authenticity and Courage.
Peace out,
Rev Jane

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