Unto The Seventh Generation

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

In 2007, I spent several days with the SEED Graduate Institute at Ghost Ranch in Abique, New Mexico.

SEED was originally conceived as a place for Native wisdom Holders and Quantum physicists to gather and remember the common nature of their messages.

Physicist David Bohm was one of the idea people who brought forth the idea for the Institute.

I have attended two in depth sessions there, but at  the one in 2007, grandfather Leon Secatero, Elder and Wisdom Holder of the Navajo community, took a group of us into the woods late at night, where a fire was built, and he spoke to us. Leon has since joined the ancestors on the other side.

An exempt from his message follows;

“The journey we are beginning now is for the next 500 years. What will be the sacred path that people will walk over the next 500 years? Even in the midst of all the changes taking place and all the things falling apart, we are building that foundation now. That’s something important for us to remember and to focus on. If we don’t do it, no one else will.

“To move ahead into the next 500 years we must leave some things behind or they will contaminate or even eliminate the future. We cannot go forward if we keep destroying the earth. But we must also ask, what is good and healthy and helpful? Those good things can be part of our foundation, part of our pathway into the next 500 years…”

It was made clear to us that we had gathered specifically as a group, no mistakes about who was present, to usher in the preparation for the shift which was to happen on Dec. 21st, 2012. While i was deeply changed by my time with the elders, I honestly “forgot” that i had been called into this circle, until last week when preparations were nearing completion for five Mayan Elders from Guatemala to join us in NYC for one week to deliver the culmination of this same message. I suddenly “remembered” the whole thing. I also remembered that at the time it was clear that this was not a lightweight encounter, but a vibratory transmission which was calling me and the others there with me into the deep work of shape shifting toward a new world. There is work involved in peace making. There is a mantle to be taken on.

This morning I met in a room with the Guatemalan Elders , and with my fellow team members who have come together to bring them to NYC. I continue to be honored to be a part of this group, and as we spoke, I shared with the Elders my experience in New Mexico. As I shared this, I was looking into the same ancient eyes i had been looking into in New Mexico…the eyes of the ancestors. Five years is a blink of an eye in the eternal.

I am deeply honored to present you all with the experience of calling forth the next era of peace, of respect for mother earth, of the wisdom of collective  and harmonious planetary transformation. Please join us this Sunday, from 2-4 pm, for a service which will energetically set this all in motion, while also celebrating Sanctuary NYC’s beginning of a second year of life.

We invite you all to bring your financial offerings for our sustained future , to be offered at a special moment, as SEEDS of consciousness  planted by you to synergize as new and expanded life. Each of you who attend will be expected to take the energy of the LOVE vibration beyond this experience and into the world…for the next two months, for the next year, to birth the next 500 years.

Can’t wait to see you, to share this amazing moment with you , to sing with you and to birth a new tomorrow with you.

YOU are the gift.

We love to see your face,

Rev. Jane


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