What A Week!! What A Service!! What A Blessing!

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,


Wow!! What a week so far!  We had a wonderful, unforgettable service last Sunday to celebrate one year as a community and to hear wisdom and inspiration from the Mayan Elders led by Don Tomas Calvo, the highest moral authority in the Mayan community.  I would say that their embodied presence of love and ageless stillness IS the message as we heard it on Sunday, first in the Mayan tongue K’iche, then in Spanish and finally in English.   

“The creator wants us to be happy, that is what the creator envisioned for us.  You can only share what you have in your heart.  If you have only sadness, you can only share sadness.  I would tell you more,” Don Calvo said, “but you would only forget it.”  

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Who you are is yelling so loud I can’t hear what you say to the contrary.”  Another way to say that is that we feel each other’s vibes.  That is where the real transformation happens in the vibratory realm.  We will be forever blessed by our time with these wisdom holders and their message of love among all peoples.  

For those of you who didn’t make it, I will recap some highlights.  Rev. Bob Brashear greeted the Elders and the gathering in Spanish.  The music of Jeremy Mage and The Sounds of Sanctuary was incredibly moving from the moment they processed in singing with their matching green scarves.  Tucker Robbins introduced the Mayan Elders and the work they are doing together.  Sanctuary NYC will be an ongoing partner with Tucker and the Mayan elders in bringing their message of Oneness to the U.S.  More information is available at http://www.mayanow.org.

Jeffrey Lepinske not only managed the logistics, he decorated, provided the food for our feast, opened, closed and directed the day.  Court Stroud wrote a wonderful piece in the Huffington Post about the Mayan’s visit, Luma handled hospitality with grace and good humor, Rev. Carol Napier led a bi-lingual meditation, Rev. Paul Dodenhoff and Greg Stamper both brought us beautiful inspirational words at the end of the ceremony. We also received lovely notes from other ministers and musical directors who planned to be there but had to “batten down the hatches” for the hurricane.

It was just a really great day, a Tri-lingual service in K’iche, Spanish and English on the UWS of Manhattan!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

And then, our world really changed FAST!!  The hurricane started to come in, the subways stopped running at 7 pm.  And then we hit two days of THE STORM: rain, howling winds, and power explosions.  And now, there is so much to absorb and figure out about how to get places, and who has electricity and hot water and…

And honestly, this is how life goes, yes?

Life is sometimes more dramatic and involves trees flying through the air, but change is the nature of the human experience.  More often than not, we need one another to make it through the rough parts.

  As we begin our second year as a community, I see our reason for coming together to be the affirmation of the elements of the spiritual journey that DON’T change, the timeless Truths, the ever Presence; keeping our eyes on things Eternal together.  Toward that end, the themes for the month of November will be Restoration and Prayer.

  We will also have a special section this Sunday for your creative contribution – of two minutes each- on the topic “Through the Storm.”  Share a song, a testimony, a rap, a dance (two minutes remember:) telling your community about your journey through the storm this week.

  The way we remember our blessings is by sharing them.  Tell us what went RIGHT! even in the midst of the chaos.  

  We will be thrilled to see you, and to affirm that along with the psalmist, “Even though we walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death we will fear no evil, for Thou art with us.”

Be safe.

If you need something, please ring in on our Facebook page Sanctuary NYC.org  We have people in most boroughs, and have had offers of places to stay, and other kinds of assistance.  

Even if you don’t need something, let us know you are good.


We love to see your face,



Rev. Jane


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