Hurricane, Snow, Sunshine and Hope

 Well, it has really been quite the weather week! After braving Hurricane Sandy, we have all gone about the work of adjusting to the new normal. For those hardest hit, this is not a simple process. Sandy is such a benign name for this sudden dramatic visitor, the tremendous force that swept into our lives.
I find myself really thinking about the nature of a storm. Whether we like it or not, storms come, and the way they come is usually not gentle. We lose loved ones, our health changes, our best laid plans turn into nothingness. Storms come into our lives and we weather them.  We all have gone through a storm.
There is a phenomenon called Homeostasis, which means essentially that people are always trying to achieve some sense of balance. And so in the midst of shocking revelations or loss, or world events seemingly beyond our control, there is something in us that is trying to make sense of it so that we can stay stable. And sometimes that process is easier than at other times.
This last week I have really had a great experience watching my two cats respond to the dramatic changes in barometric pressure. They are like a living early warning system. For two days before the storm hit, they were running from one end of the apartment to the other, leaping from high places, colliding with one another mid flight. The storm finally came, and the barometric pressure lowered.  While trees were flying through the air right outside, and people were nervous, the cats slept happily. They knew it was coming, they did what cats do when the vibe felt weird, and when the world felt better to them, they chilled out.  As far as they were concerned, the storm was over.
 When words fail us, a song will carry our pain and transmute it into something bearable. Some of the best songs use storms as metaphors.  When the rain and wind of the storm are raging, there is a still center always, where eternity resides. That is where the fluidity of the dance or the stroke of color from an artist’s brush becomes the language that makes sense of the new terrain we experience after the branches are blown away.
What a gift you all gave us last Sunday.
See you this week, 2 pm.
Bring your magic transformer rings, your dancing shoes, your most creative spirit, and a gift to share.
Something new is in the air.
Rev. Jane

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