It’s A New Season!!

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
 Wow!!! What an amazing Sanctuary NYC one year birthday celebration we had the other night!! We are off on a grand adventure, into year two, and full of excitement and gratitude about what has been, what is, and what is coming. 
Jerry White of the U.S. State Department spoke for us.  A likely future minister who was drafted for the State Department out of a Religion program at Oxford, he said a comment that has really stayed in my thoughts. He talked about the community being, or becoming, “the body of Christ consciousness”. I honestly think this was much more the original intention of the early followers of Jesus than the idea of a community becoming the body of any one person. 
 Christ is not a last name, but a title, or more accurately a state of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Jesus, the Christ, in saying that “if you do these things I do, greater things than these will you do” is teaching about the internalizing of the Presence. In opening to be a vessel of that which breathes us, we become part of this larger reality that Jesus speaks of as the Kingdom. We become the body of Christ consciousness! 
Much of the bible, especially the New Testament, was written with a feeling that the world was ending any day. The writings are apocalyptic, and talk about repenting because, basically, the end of time as they knew it was supposed to be “at hand”. 
After a few hundred years people began to realize that living in this heightened state of anxiety about the imminent end of the world was not only not serving them, but didn’t seem to be accurate. Time just kept on going. Since the time of Christ and before, there has always been a tension about this sense of urgency, warnings about eschatology, or end times, and other teachings that have to do with how to live a more balanced life, to be on a Path. Jerry’s remarks incorporated this idea of a Path into a conversation about how community in Christ consciousness might look.
 We are currently living in another time when people are feeling a sense of accelerated time. This idea of the ancient Mayan calendar coming to an end on December 21, 2012, and the world along with it, really has a lot of people worrying. And yet, we have had the wonderful message right from the Mayan elders in person, that in fact what is coming to an end is ideally a way of being. And what is “coming to pass” is a new age of harmony, cooperation and collaboration. But honestly, time does seem to be moving differently, faster, and it is in times of heightened energy like this that a Path really comes in handy.  
Following a Path of Prayer, Meditation and Sacred Service- in- Community can recalibrate our inner landscape so that we are in tune with the vibration of eternity. When the storms of life begin to rage, if we are connected to a community that is connected to the Divine resonance, to the OM, or the I AM, we have a lot of support for calming down and centering. 
 I am honored to be working with such a deeply creative and committed group of artists, inventors, dreamers and compassionate souls as continues to gather as Sanctuary NYC.  When we allow ourselves to really connect beyond our individuality and to become part of something larger than ourselves, we make the difference that the Elders called us to step into now, not later. 
That “difference” is to truly BE a vibration of Love, to share that love, to be that love. And each of you is essentially, at your core, made from and of that Love. Being Love really just involves returning to our essential nature. This is what I think Jerry was getting at with this idea of the community becoming the body of Christ consciousness. 
Can’t wait to see what this next year brings.
We love to see your face,
Rev. Jane

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