Dreaming In Color


Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
 I dreamed a dream of being part of a community of creativity and purpose.  I am not sure how long ago I dreamed this dream. I think it may even be something I remember from the future. But I do know that when I lived in Shadyside (Pittsburgh), PA as a teenager, I began to access a place in myself I now recognize as my eternal self. My father died suddenly the year before, and I felt both lost and different. Another dimension had entered into my life. My beautiful father had moved to heaven, and I wanted to be able to be there with him, at least in part.
I remember when I was ten years old I met a teacher who talked to me about multiple dimensions. I also had a friend whose mother said they had a resident ghost in their house who rocked in a rocking chair every evening at the same time.  While I was intrigued by all of this, once I totally freaked out in the middle of the night and ran to my mother to tell her there were ghosts in my room.  After that, I was uh, greatly encouraged to focus on my English class and not metaphysical studies. 
Both of these times came at moments of heightened awareness and major transition in my personal world as I became acutely aware of another dimension that seemed very real to me, and that offered a kind of comfort. I have had other breakthrough moments when the larger realm of existence was available to me.  Once it came as a Light and a voice.  At my Grandmother’s bed of transition, it came as sheer bliss. I even talked to the Allness that last time. I seem to be one who is not afraid of leaving my body entirely and flying away to the angel realm!
 I am now aware however that this is a time of transition on a global scale, and I can tell you that I am ready to stay planted on Mother Earth while becoming part of the pull into a transformation that will bring us great joy. Mother Earth is definitely talking to us. Communities likeSanctuary NYC are in place to hold a space for those of like consciousness to gather and become a part of the web of healing, an ancient process infinitely more powerful than any crazy short sighted schemes to feed us sterile food through genetically modified organisms, or the junk food of consumerism. I am ready this time! I am excited about what is coming to pass, and aware that this is the moment for which each of has been called into incarnation. Yes, it IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius! Finally!! 
 There is more than enough for all of us on this planet, and in this moment of shift on a global level, the forces for life and death seem to be playing out a huge drama on the world stage. Each of us is truly called to make a difference in the direction of standing up for all life, and I am excited to be awakening at this moment along with that community I dreamed about so long ago in the future! 
 This Sunday on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Dr Eben Alexander will be sharing about his extended travel to this larger realm, which he unapologetically identifies as heaven, where the true source of life is always dancing. I encourage you to watch Oprah’s interview with him. I encourage you to say “Yes!” to the part of you that “knows”. This is the time we have been waiting for.   
The vibrations of Joy and Wisdom are very present in this deep mid winter in the Western Hemisphere. The energies of the solstice, of the coming in of an age of Love and Creativity and reverence for the mystical Presence of the Cosmic Christ pervade.  
Come join us at Sanctuary while we celebrate all month long, the birth of the Light – through ballet, through music and fun as well as several special services and arts events. As the scripture reminds us, and the Sounds ofSanctuary NYC sing, “Rejoice Always, Pray Without Ceasing. Give Thanks in All Circumstances. This is the will…this is the loving will of G-d. Ashe.”
Can’t wait to see you this Sunday for an amazing service, complete with two ballet performances.
We love to see your face.
Rev. Jane

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