Kindness, Compassion and Loving One Another

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
 It has been said that that one definition of genius is the ability to entertain two contradictory ideas at the same time. Artists are trained to work with complex energies, to ground their interpretive skills in the discipline of their craft, and to stay steady while the muse moves through them. The difference between just letting the muse move through you and becoming a trained vessel for that muse is significant. Without the grounding of some discipline, the energies of creativity can become overwhelming. The daily ballet barre, vocalizing scales, practice on ones violin or trumpet, writing a page a day for a writer, all develop the artist. It is a discipline. It is also a spiritual practice.
 Artists are also called to be interpreters of complex emotions and seemingly unconnected circumstances, to make sense of them. When we are in a state of grief or confusion about world events or personal loss, hearing a piece of music or seeing a dance concert can sometimes heal more than any counselor. Artists have to use their bodies to translate the craft of the playwright or the composer. Painters need to connect with their brushes or rollers and stretch and prime canvases. 
 There are so many swirling energies in our environment at this moment in time. The Mayan Elders from Guatemala spoke to us on their visit to our community, about a coming acceleration of earth’s many energies leading up to 12/21/2012, and into the next year. They explained to us from their perspective, from centuries of nature based wisdom, that to be prepared for predicted cycles is the art of the spiritual warrior. They told us this. And it appears that they were right. 
 And so we find ourselves in a time of managing the seemingly contradictory challenges of holiday observance, of national grief, of an acceleration in earth’s energies, of both expected and unexpected transitions. And I would like to send you the assurance that you have all it  takes to deal with this. There is a power greater than we that breathes us into each new moment. Connect with that power. 
And I will give you a hint. Compassion is the key to opening into that power; compassion for yourself, compassion for people you encounter, compassion for the need to know. “Knowing” in the mental sense has little power in these moments. It may get us through a day at work, but only the kind of surrender to the power that tells Moses to “Be Still and Know” can stabilize us in these moments.
 Whatever you call this power, it is One Power. You will experience it through prayer and meditation, through coming together with friends and family, through service.  You can and you will grow stronger in the broken places. We are all in this together.
 Take good care of you – and reach out to someone who may be feeling a little isolated. It will help you both. This is a perfect time to access your inner artist and to really work like the alchemist to transform base metal into gold.
We love to see your face.
With love,
Rev. Jane

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