Anyone Can Whistlw

Dear Sanctuary nyc Friends,
Almost a year ago, one of our Sanctuary nyc friends came up with a tagline for the community, which I loved, but which I wasn’t sure we had yet become.
I realized this week that since that time, we have become this place, and the tagline jumped into my head again…right on time…like ideas do. It seems that ideas for paintings and plays, for short stories and programs dance around in the realm of the invisible, and when they are ready to combine with the breath of life…they re-emerge. It is so cool.  It is the way artists “create”.
The tagline is this; “Sanctuary nyc- Where Artists Come To Be Inspired”
All of us are artists, or can be. The Art of Medicine is different from the business of Medicine, as the art of Finance or Mathematics are.
I am not suggesting that we all have to be painters or musicians. I am suggesting that the way we approach a thing is what makes the difference.
We are all created with the innate wiring to Co-create with the Infinite. And so for us to remember that place in us which is brave and wild and in touch with realms beyond our conscious understanding is as natural as breathing, It is natural , but it is not easy. But it IS natural.
In order for the natural to become art, discipline is required.
Discipline creates for us a framework within which the wildness of the vision can find boundaries and form and can become more than just a raw flood of inspiration.
Developing technique allows for repetition, for improvement within a context.
Artists live in the realm of possibility. While mathematicians deal with probability, and philosophers explore the nature of reality, theologians devise systems for making the Infinite explainable and
historians try to tell us what has happened, and self help gurus tell us how to make friends and influence people, artists are always listening for the next thing…for the hint of a new idea. Artists are
forced by the nature of their calling to be willing to throw off the old, and make way for what is emerging.
We are bombarded from every direction by advertising and sound bites and fear based pseudo news, all geared to numb the inner artist. Theyactivate our fight or flight system and make us receptive to the messages of a consumerist culture.
Artists respond to inspiration. Corporate media messages are geared toward alarm and sensation, and not toward inspiration
Our inner artist can always be accessed,
Our true voice, our muse, is always trying to call to us.
Some people call that God
IF we tune out the noise and distraction, can stop being controlled by the constant messages to fit in, to conform, to consume, to compete, we can hear the inner call.
And I would like to suggest that we can inspire and challenge and encourage one another in that process in community.
 Listening, observing, hearing and editing are the tools of the artist. What isn’t part of the picture or the song is as important as what is…maybe more important. But we have to decide what we listen
to and what we eliminate from our playlist.
Hearing ideas discussed from a lot of different angles, and through a lot of interesting lenses and wisdom traditions is inspiring. Sharing our struggles with one another is inspiring. And sometimes i can’t hear what you can hear, and you can help me to find my own way in, by traveling the road with me.
So we come together to remember that inner place, and then to allow it to come into aliveness in a context where it can really develop.
And the general cultural soup of fear based messages is not such a place.
The “art” of the artist is also one of collaboration among equals. As we are called to co-create with the Infinite, we are also called tocollaborate with one another…as citizens of the world. You can’t
hold your cards behind your back and collaborate, because then you are trying to live off of the energy of the one who comes to the table wide open.
So the idea is to get to know YOURSELF first, so you can bring all of your gift to the party.
 And then, in the context of community, your color on the canvas and someone else’s music can combine with somebody else’s dance move and a poem from somebody else, your understanding of the neuro-plasticity of the brain and another’s mathematical equation can come together with a new way to be of service on the world, and the alchemy of the artistcan truly flourish, and dance amidst the structure of a safe place.
Now is a time for vision. Now is the moment for you to awaken to your deepest individuality,and your place in the human family, to your greatest altruism, to the call of the creative in, as and through you.
Now is the moment. The time has come. You are incarnated in this time for a reason.
I need you, and you need me.
Stephen Sondheim says it this way:
“Anyone can whistle
That’s what they say-
Anyone can whistle
Any old day-
It’s all so simple;
relax, let go, let fly,
So someone tell me why
Can’t I?
i can dance a tango,
I can read Greek-
I can slay a dragon
Any old week-
What’s hard is simple,
what’s natural comes hard.
Maybe you could show me
how to let go,
Lower my guard,
learn to be free.
Maybe if you whistle,
Whistle for me.”
( Musical Book by Arthur Laurents
Music and Lyrics- Stephen Sondheim
Anyone Can Whistle)
Happy New Year from Sanctuary nyc- “Where Artists Come To Be Inspired”.
Rev. Jane

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