” I…AM”

(by Mary Gauthier and Crit Harmon)
He’d get home at 5:30, fix his drink
And sit down in his chair
Pick a fight with mama
Complain about us kids getting in his hair
At night he’d sit alone and smoke
I’d see his frown behind his lighter’s flame
Now that same frown’s in my mirror
I got my daddy’s blood inside my veins
Fish swim birds fly
Daddies yell mamas cry
Old men sit and think
I drink
Chicken TV dinner
6 minutes on defrost, 3 on high
A beer to wash it down with
Then another, a little whiskey on the side
It’s not so bad alone here
It don’t bother me that every night’s the same
I don’t need another lover
Hanging round, trying to make me change
Fish swim birds fly
Lovers leave by and by
Old men sit and think
I drink
I know what I am
But I don’t give a damn
Fish swim birds fly
Daddies yell mamas cry
Old men sit and think
I drink
 Happy New Year to all!  Great song above by Mary Guathier, a wonderful artist who says she found her voice in sobriety, but ironically her career song, I drink, was about her addiction years.  In her blog, she tells the story of her journey.  One line I really relate to is, “Inside the curse, lies the blessing.”  Amen.
 This Age of Aquarius thing really is in motion, fully in MOTION.  Can you feel it?  I want to tell you about some cool stuff.
 Gabrielle Bernstein, a next generation teacher of A Course in
Miracles has just launched her new book  May Cause Miracles- A 40 Day
Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.   I strongly recommend checking out Gabrielle’s book.  I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail and am eager to get into Gabby’s work.  The number 40 has real significance on the spiritual path.
40 years in the wilderness- Moses
 40 days in the wilderness-Jesus
40 years old- Muhammad when he received the revelation from angel Gabriel
40 days of fasting – Hindu
40 Days and nights of rain- Noah’s ark
40 Days- Lent 
40 Day Mind Fast- Soul Feast- Michael Beckwith
40 is the number of completion in Kemetic teachings.  
To develop a truly committed practice, 40 days is a good way to go.
 Starting in January, for three months, Sanctuary NYC will be hosting an amazing Documentary film series.  Check the rest of the newsletter and the website for details.  You will not want to miss any of the films, or the discussions after the films. 
Gary Ramsey and I are working on a class combining the four paths of Creation Spirituality: Vias Positiva, Negativa, Creativa and
Transformativa, with the embodied process of Alexander technique, AND
new discoveries from brain science.
 The songwriter, Mary Gauthier, once defined herself once by the simple  description “I Drink”.  She then finally got clean, and probably now would say “I Create.”  
This month we are focusing on the one and only question
really worth answering, “Who Am I?”  Our theme is “Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ For My Journey Now.”
 To know who we are, we need to know where we have been.  And if we are not cool with where we have been, we need to get that on track, integrate our shadow integrated, start loving the whole while we let the new emerge.
 Remember, Jesus talks about the TRUTH setting us free, and the 12
Steps teach us that “We will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the
door on it.”  We will look at these ideas through wisdom texts, music, dance, and art.
Looking forward to going there with you.
See you Sunday at 2 pm at West Park.

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