Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
 Our theme this month is “Wouldn’t take Nothin’ For My Journey Now.”  In the over 20 years, I have been involved in ministry, I have learned that when we say “Yes” to whatever we see as our calling, we do not really have a clue what that Yes will entail.   Once we fully commit to our life’s path, however, all of the information we need for each step of the journey comes flying into our life. 
Sometimes our commitment to our purpose feels overwhelming. Other times, we don’t want to deal with what comes up. Often, we turn back, or put our finger on the pause button.  
 We are faced with a dilemma when we step into the Yes, and don’t like what comes up.  At the same time, we realize that to step backward isn’t the answer either. I am of the mind that until we get the courage to truly be who we are, then we are not able to be at peace. 
This is one of the reasons I love reading biographies of world leaders, actors, painters or biblical characters.  It is empowering to read about the lives of people who are not overcome as they encounter obstacles and struggle along their own hero’s or heroine’s journey.  
As Elvis would say, we have so much to learn from walking a mile in another person’s shoes.  Last week, I talked about the intersection of call, race, and expectations of what a minister SHOULD do and what G-d sent me to do. All this month, we will be investigating different ways to look at our most difficult life challenges, and how to turn them into wins. 
We can’t live anybody else’s life. We have to live our own. And we have to be willing to be unpopular, to face rejection and dejection and worse, if we are going to become the strong enough person who can step into a dream worth having. It seems that we are definitely in an earth school, and my hope is that we are here to help one another along the path. A good friend is a great treasure. A witness to our struggles and triumphs can sometimes make the difference for us between failure and success.
 From the vantage point of having gone through a lot of valleys, what a triumph it is, what an affirmation it is, to be able to say, for real “Even with all of that stuff, I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.”  Come on and go with us in this conversation.
Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 2. 
We love to see your face,
Rev. Jane

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