Keep On Keepin’ On

Sanctuary Newsletter – January 17, 2013

Dear Sanctuarynyc Friends, 

  I wouldn’t take NOTHIN’ for my journey now! is our topic for January.
One quality that makes us able to truly appreciate our journey is to become a present tense person as we face life’s challenges.  We fully live the hard or painful moments that add seasoning to our lives.  If we avoid the confusion and pain, we check out and miss the joyous times too.  We just do.  
   I arrived in NYC exactly two years ago on January 17th, to take on a job that was very different from the one I had envisioned.   I am extremely sensitive to energy, but not always able to understand what I am feeling. I knew something was not right from the start but I couldn’t for the life of me understand what it was.    
I did intuit however, that if I perservered, the personal growth I would experience would help me to become a better minister, friend, counselor, and leader. And that was true.  I hung in there and I am better for having lived through one of the most difficult rights of passage of my life. And that is saying a lot. I have had some doosies!  I am sure you have too.
What has made this journey so special for me though, is the beautiful people I have met along the way.  My incredible Ministry Team of these past two years has been simply amazing! My colleagues, Revs Diane Berke and Karen Osit were two of the first people I met who looked at me like they saw a person instead of a projection. What a gift that was! 
There were others as well. Rev. Bob Brashear became a real friend, as did Jeremy Mage. And of course there were wonderful people everywhere.  So many simple acts of kindness have been simply life saving. Court Stroud made a delicious turkey pot pie and schlepped it out to my brother’s house for a lovely family dinner. I can see, as I appreciate this group of extraordinary people, that G-d had it covered all along!
As I look back at MY journey over the last two years, I am deeply grateful for all of the love and for all of the betrayals and for all of the generosity from all of you. Rev. Karen is now the Managing Director and Co Founder of Sanctuarynyc! We never would have dreamed that one up when we were first discovering our shared love of Motown!
I am sure you all were delighted to receive your year end giving statements. I was! That is thanks to Rev. Karen and our fabulous Finance Team. The upcoming documentary series is another exciting project from Rev Karen as well.
  The wonderful students from my two classes at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary continue to inspire me with their thirst for wisdom, as do the Sanctuarynyc members of course! Some of them are the same people:)  I am also tremendously grateful for our Sanctuarynyc Steering Committee.  
As we move into our second year, there will be much for us to decide about how our organization will look going forward.  We will need to raise funds to continue to offer you the great community we all love. We will want to make sure we are creating a weather worthy container for this beautiful movement of Spirit to carry on. And we will. We already are.
  I would like to ask you all to stop for one minute and look at your biggest challenge of today.  Be willing to see that challenge as the package that contains your biggest blessing.  OK? Are you willing to try?  Get back to me in two years, and let me know how you have grown into the blessing of it all.
  There is an old song that says, “Through it all, through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Spirit, I’ve learned to trust in God”
Amen to that!

See you Sunday at 2 pm at West Park Presbyterian on 86th and Amsterdam.
We love to see your face,
Rev. JaneImage

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