Life is What Happens…


Dear Sanctuarynyc Friends,
John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.” I put him into the category of great prophetic writers and visionaries. Don’t you?  In just the weeks since the Age of Aquarius has dawned, time has sped up, many wonderful souls are making their transitions, a second term has begun for President Barak Obama, and unless you planned to have your plans not go as planned, you are no doubt experiencing your own set of challenges.
     This month we are going to be celebrating the liberation movement of the Black church, along with A Season for Nonviolence, through music, message, dance and poetry. Our theme will be “We’ve Come This Far By Faith”.  The Black church is, by the way, cross denominational and includes Christianity, Islam, Yoruba, Kemetic wisdom and more. The reason we celebrate this depth path is because in America, the tradition of overcoming and knowing that God will and does “make a way out of no way” has uniquely come through the African-American experience.  It isn’t a political correctness, equal opportunity kind of situation where we have to do Latin American history month and Asian American history month. That’s great for schools and diversity conversations, but we take the month of February to delve into the wisdom of this very rich, uniquely American spiritual tradition. Jeremy Mage and the Sounds of Sanctuary will be going deep into a different 
musical form each week, ranging from a capella gospel, to jazz to rhythm and blues and more. And in the midst of all of the major shifting we are all experiencing, I know we will all “grow stronger in the broken places” through our journey. 
We love to see your face…for real. 
Peace/ out
Rev. Jane

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