From Manna to Self Supporting…A Hero’s Journey

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
 There is a story in the biblical book of Joshua (Joshua 5; 9-12), which tells about what happened to the people of Israel after they got into the “Land of Milk and Honey,” or “The Promised Land.”  God had provided manna in the wilderness all through their very long, forty year journey, so that they would not go hungry while they made their trip. You see the journey was supposed to take a few months, and it ended up taking forty years. Wow. Have you ever been on a journey like that?  The idea is to continue to grow, develop and let our stories unfold as we journey, no matter how long it takes.  And the result of that growth always leads us to a new adventure.
 The Twelve Steps provide a great template for recovery of ourselves from false dependencies which distort our essence. They lead us through the beginning steps of housecleaning and self knowledge and then they plant us firmly at Step Seven, which states “We Are Self Supporting Through Our Own Contributions.”  Over the first sixteen months of the life of Sanctuary NYC, G-d indeed provided manna for us to make it through the wilderness. And what a journey it has been! 
Our manna came in the form of generous donations from G-d’s human hands. And we have used this gift wisely, to build the beginning of a wonderful, creative, exciting community. Along with your donations of time, talent and treasure, and a lot of joyous work, we have managed to create the template for a creative, magnificent spiritual community.  And now we are at our own version of Step Seven.
 Our financial goal for this month of incubation, this month of waiting for the chrysalis to open and become a butterfly, and the bulbs to break open and become hyacinth, crocus, daffodil, tulip and forsythia, is set.  We have determined that we will need $30,000 to stabilize the next stage of growth.
According to our calculations, this amount, along with community donations, will enable us to launch a membership drive, and stabilize a plan for sustained and sustainable operation.  Our goal date to announce the successful completion of this goal will be March 31st, Easter Sunday.
 So now we are sending this letter to the Universe.  And as the Bible also tells us, a clear message sent into the Web which connects us all, into the Unified Field of Awareness, cannot come back to us void.  So we WILL have a clear answer by our target date.
 You may donate online at Sanctuary  Tell your friends and colleagues and anyone you feel would like for Sanctuary NYC to stabilize financially so that we can really thrive and become the force for good on the planet for which we have laid the foundation.  Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.  We know that we are never left without the perfect breadcrumbs to lead us to the next place of growth and life.
 See you this Sunday at 2 pm at West Park- Corner of 86th and Amsterdam NYC.
We love to see your face.
Thank you so very much for sharing our journey to date with us.
Rev. Jane

Transformation In Process

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
 The number forty is said by some to be the number of completion; by others, to be the number of journey. Whatever the number symbolizes, it is true that there are many biblical references to forty:  years in the wilderness out of Egypt, days of flooding, days in the wilderness of temptation for Jesus.  And in this late winter, early spring transitional time, the observance of Lent is also a 40 day period. 
 My niece Ellie was dressed as a six year old Queen Esther the other day for a Purim celebration. So many holidays, or holy days, of so many traditions begin to come together at this time of year, as people for millennia have appealed to the life force, the Creator God, for renewal, for a way out of the deep dark mid winter.  In the Christian tradition, the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus is the most powerful observance and source of hope for many.
 The need for an inner journey, into the underworld of loss, grief, even of depression, can be a part of the reclaiming of the entirety of who we are. Many wonderful secrets reside in the underworld of our psyches, or unconscious mind. The shadow self has much to teach the outer self. It behooves us to listen for its wisdom.
 One of the things I missed most about living in a four seasons world was the sweet encouragement for taking that inner walk that comes from real dark, cold days, rainy days, wonderful snow and ice followed by a hint of spring, a crocus popping up through the earth, the emergence from the underworld one more time of life out of seeming death. This month we will be focusing on the theme “I Know I’ve Been Changed”, and we will be taking the inner journey together toward a resurrection day on March 31st.  
The caterpillar has a life of its own, and when it is time, it retreats into a chrysalis of its own creation. The transformation that happens while that caterpillar becomes a butterfly takes time. That is our forty days.
When the butterfly emerges, the DNA of that beautiful creature is different from that of the caterpillar from which it was created. It is an amazing mystery, and so are you. 
Can’t wait to see you Sunday for yet another step along the Path together.
We love to see your face,
Rev. Jane