Soul Survival Kit

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,
                   It is one of the creative laws of the Universe that ideas seem to ‘work’ us, until they are ready to be hatched.  For sometime, I have felt it is important for me to clearly articulate for Sanctuary NYC, what it is I am really teaching. This Sunday, we are launching a 12 week series that has grown out of my work over the past many years. What works for me is a combination of New Thought teachings, in particular the work of Emmett Fox, together with the practice and study and living of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as a spiritual path that extends beyond the recovery element of the program.  In addition, I practice cross cultural immersion through Inter spiritual study and core text study, as well as deep learning about other cultures through study and the ARTS, and biblical scholarship.
                   Finally, I have been seized by the spirit of revelation, and it actually began to write me, while I was also talking to a young Muslim woman, on the plane several months ago.  What has developed is called “The Soul Survival Kit” and it contains 12 Gateways to Inner Spiritual Awakening. A practical and practiced path, this kit is designed to create a sacred container for true inter cultural, Inter spiritual worship and community.   The 12 Gateways are drawn from the essence of the ideas addressed in each of the 12 steps and are a homeopathic remedy for our spiritual selves. This week we will be looking at “Power”, and the color red is the corresponding vibration.
Feel free to wear something red to the service!
We will also be sharing in a Community Spirit talk/Potluck, visioning session immediately after worship. Please send your contribution for the potluck , so that we will be able to judge how we are doing.
               This is an exciting new phase for us as a community.
Come and let Spirit work through you as we listen to what the highest and best is for our collective life.
Have a wonderful week, whatever season it is:)
We love to see your face.
Rev. Jane

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