All Is Well

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

We are all feeling vulnerable and tender after the events in Boston.   Shortly after 9/11, I was invited by Homeland Security officials along with a group of other ministers and human services professionals to an all day briefing at a local hospital. At the time,  I was leading a community in Long Beach, CA, which is on the second largest port in the U.S. The first largest is in NYC.  The information we received that day was more than sobering. It was actually alarming. They informed us that there were multiple threats to both the Los Angeles port area, and to New York City, and they attempted to prepare us for ministering in this new world.

    We were taken through emergency procedures and told how to deal with first responder situations. By the end of the day, my colleagues and I were exhausted. It was too much to absorb really but of course, it was critical information.  The good news is that even with all of that information, we have been crisis free. This is important to remember.

   In the years since that briefing, I have been focused upon helping individuals and groups to develop the inner resources for Being nonviolence, for Being integrity, for living in a way which makes them a part of the solution rather than a part of a triggered and traumatized world.  Honestly, this is one of the reasons I believe in spiritual community.  We need a place to anchor when the seas get rough.

     As Americans, we are unused to dealing with the kind of challenges many people around the world live with every day, and have for many years. It helps to look at how we live each day rather than continually jumping into crises mode. How we treat one another at every moment matters. The globe is peopled by many, many individuals and small communities. The way in which each one of these groups manages to become more honorable and more loving adds up to a world that works or doesn’t.

      This is an excellent moment for us to look at how we conduct our lives and at how we can be part of a more humane, less afraid world. Even though it may be challenging to stay in the solution and not jump into a news cycle, someone very wise once said that, “The Kingdom of God is within.” This is where we find the resources to be of use in shaping the world we envision.

     So looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday at 2.  We are on Week 2 of the Soul Survival Kit.  Process is the theme and Orange is the color.

Seems like a perfect topic for this moment.

We love to see your face – for real.

Peace and abundant blessings,
Rev. Dr. Jane S. Galloway
“Are You Ready For Something New?”


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