oing Inward




Dear Sanctuary NYC!! Friends, Foes, Fellow Travelers!!

     In his book of wisdom and Japanese calligraphy, Roman Catholic mystic theologian Thomas Merton says, “The real journey in life is interior, an ever greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.”  A swoosh of black ink in a spiral going down accompanies this phrase.  I have never forgotten the simple/complex depth of this one truth ever since my mother gave me this book long ago.  She also worked for the B’hai Center outside of Chicago for a while, and shared with me the second truth I carry always: “Worship the LIGHT, not the lamp.”

     There are many places you can choose to follow your spiritual path in community. I am deeply grateful that so many of you continue to share your journey with me.  I need community. I think we all do.

     Last Sunday was a watershed moment for me.  We experienced the power of Pentecost, when a rushing wind of the Ru’ach, the Breath of G-d, swept into a room of scared and disillusioned followers of Jesus and gave them, filled them, with supernatural soul force.  And then I confessed some of the deeper pain, shame, and amazing transformation of my own last two and a half years.

On the other side of the mountain, I can fully see the gift of sharing my own journey with you as a power of example.  I have reclaimed myself from the deepest, darkest journey to the underworld of my most horrible fears, and come out the other side.  Whatever you are going through, I can tell you there IS a new day.

     This Sunday we shall return to the Soul Survival Kit, the first of three more weeks. These last few sections of the Kit came together in my head sitting in the first row of the church last Sunday!  Reclamation and Release go together in this system and maybe in life.  The color is violet. Looking forward to seeing youSunday at 2 at West Park.

     In the words of Emile Zola:  “When you ask me what I came to do in this world, I answer you as an artist. I came to live out loud.”



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