Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

        If we understand history, we understand ourselves better.  For instance, many people who are learning about the New Thought movement for the first time think it is well – new!  The truth is that affirmative thinking, working with the deeper self, or unconscious mind, and utilizing principles of manifestation through visioning is literally as old as the hills.
     Artists have always spoken directly from and to the unconscious level of reality.  In his early work “The Interpretation of Dreams( 1899),” Sigmund Freud says, “The poets and philosophers before me discovered the unconscious. What I uncovered was the scientific method with which the unconscious can be studied.”  And to that I would add that New Thought explained the way in which the Power of the unconscious can be utilized.  We can get confused however if we think WE are the prime mover trying to manipulate circumstances rather than learning to co-Create with The All That Is, God, Spirit, Ru’ach, Allah, Atman, Consciousness etc, etc. This power could care less what we call it. When we connect with it, what it is called really doesn’t matter.
        The movie, The Secret, popularized the Law of Attraction – a concept that has been taught and practiced by metaphysicians for millennia – and made it seem like a magic formula. The truth is that working with our subconscious mind is a powerful process of inner development that can transform us at the cellular level.  It takes a conscious working of the Principles to begin to see a change.  It isn’t magic, it is a discipline.  There is more than enough good/God for everyone.
        To review a couple of key points from our Soul Survival Kit process:
1.”It” is not about changing people or circumstances, but
                 about changing OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.
2. When our consciousness is raised to the point where we see
                 from the place where we and G-d are one,  we are amazed at
                 how reliably we magnetize clarity and abundance into our lives.
3. Abundance and clarity do not always look like we expect them to
4. Our journey in life is INTERIOR.

Have a great week!!!
YOU are the answer:)

See you at 2 at West Park.
We have a special musical guest and about a million other cool things going on:)
We LOVE to see your face,
Peace out,
Rev Jane


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