Sing and Dance with Me



Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

We are engaged in an exciting journey at Sanctuary NYC for the next nine weeks. Rev Karen Osit and I are leading a series that looks into three human systems for understanding ethical behavior or “how to be”. The 10 Commandments (or more accurately The 10 Words) from the Torah, The 10 Precepts of the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition, and 10 Spiritual Laws from Cross Tribal Native American spiritualities are the three systems we are looking into.

People are meaning makers, and for millennia have been devising systems for how to live. One of the biggest dividers of people seems to be religion. But if we understand the cultures from which these guidelines originate, we understand something Universal about ourselves.

I love a song by Rickie Byers Beckwith that keeps dancing through my mind as we prepare for this Sunday “Sing and dance with me, Sing and dance Into my heart, Oh wonderful Spirit.”  

Come sing and dance with us.  It will cool you off..and we will all learn a lot about the Divine Dance in the process.

We love to see your face.
Onward, upward and inward!
Rev. Jane

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