Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends,

There are moments in life that change everything. We have to be willing to listen to what life is telling us all the time, but at moments of heightened awareness and urgency, if we do not listen to the wisdom of our inner voice, we miss a critical opportunity to respond to our deepest guidance. The events of the last week have called our country to action and reaction. Many of us are wondering when we will be able to say that we have truly addressed the lasting wounds and equity issues that go back to the founding of the United States. 

My personal commitment in life has been to serve as a bridge between cultures in the most direct way that I can. This was the reason I entered the ministry, and continues to be the motivation for my work. As a result of the Trayvon Martin murder trial ending in a way that re-opens so many historic national wounds, I have decided to dedicate the next phase of my work to becoming a force for progress and education about diversity. This is the teaching of Jesus as I understand it, and of the Prophets and of the healers and of religious leaders who have made a difference in human history. It is also what I am called to do.

For the next eight weeks, Rev. Karen Osit and I will continue our really fabulous cross-disciplinary journey into the 10 Words or Commandments of the Torah, The 10 Grave Precepts of Mahayana Buddhism and 10 Spiritual Laws of cross tribal Native American wisdom. After that, you can expect to see some significant changes in Sanctuary NYC. I have enrolled in a diversity training program in California for January, and I am excited about what making this choice will open for both me and for the expression of Spirit and creativity we know as S-NYC. 

Come and spend the summer with us!!! We LOVE to see your face!! Sunday 2 pm, 86th and Amsterdam NYC. 

Onward and upward and Inward, 
Rev. Jane

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