Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends and Fellow Travelers,

Nothing is static. Well sorry, maybe Twinkies remain intact for millennia, but most things – if they are alive- do not remain static. We all move and flow and are affected by our environment and our choices. We are a part of the flow of life! 

I am really enjoying this ten week series I am leading with Rev. Karen Osit. We are looking at three different formulas for living, as understood through the 10 Words, or Commandments of the Torah, 10 Mahayana Buddhist Precepts and ten cross tribal Native American spiritual laws. This experience has been the perfect example of the medium being the message to quote Marshall McLuhan too.

Once we agreed to offer this series, we began to study these areas more deeply ourselves. Greg Halpen found some beautiful flute music to underscore a Mohawk prayer intoned by Rev. Karen. Then Orlando’s lyrical meditation took us to a deeper place. By the time I was ready to speak, the mood had shifted so much from where I was when the service began, that a very different kind of message came forth than the one I had prepared. It was all part of the flow.

We are never static. All life grows and shifts. Only what is real persists, like love. Enjoy this mid- summer moment. Listen deeply to your real inner truth for that is where the miracle resides. 

See you Sunday 2 pm, 86th and Amsterdam. 

We love to see your face, 
Onward, upward and inward, 
Rev. Jane


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