Spirit Says to Sing Your Song

Dear Shape Shifters, Spiritual Beings, and Summer Travelers,

             The city has a stillness in August, in places that are usually full of activity and buzz. Everything has a vibration, and stillness does too. Last week was my mother’s birthday, the first since she crossed over six months ago. It was a really hard day for me, and even the usual life affirming push back of the city wasn’t doing its job. The energy was that of tourists and vacationers. People were walking across streets at odd times. The sense of purpose and rhythm that is part of the conversation of New York’s public space felt out of sync. 
             On Saturday, I waited anxiously with my Trader Joe’s bags on the uptown subway platform at 72nd St. Overwhelmed by sadness and grief, I wanted to get home, to not be around people and tourists and chaos. And then the most beautiful music came toward me from the other side of the platform, the downtown side and a woman sang into her mic with a heavenly back up track playing from her little karaoke machine. It was so beautiful that lots of people, including me, stopped and quieted down. One man took his hat off and faced her from across the train tracks with respect. I almost didn’t get on the subway when it arrived, to stay and hear her sing her beautiful soulful song. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, subway singing lady/angel. Thank you.
That moment of listening to the creative expression of her soul transformed me and every person who heard her sing that afternoon. She rearranged the molecules in the air with her voice. Your song does the same thing every time you sing it. As Rickie Byers Beckwith says, “Spirit says to sing your song.” 

See you Sunday at @ 2 West Park 86th and Amsterdam 
With love,
Rev. Jane






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