Pray Without Ceasing


Dear Fellow Humans,
          This is a week in which we need to be aware of our role as citizens of the world. Because of the recent human rights violations in Syria, the question of a U.S. military intervention is once more on the table. It is no longer enough to simply “oppose” or ignore any act of aggression without creating an alternative. Our global political system is based upon strategies that support consumerism. The tactics are those of domination and war as solution. Our planet is crying out for new answers.
           I would like to ask you if you are willing to commit to what it would really take to create a real consciousness shift globally. Are you? 

Marianne Williamson has started an organization called Sister Giant to combine Consciousness and Politics.  The Association for Global New Thought is organized to promote a global consciousness of peace and Oneness.  The Mayan Elders implored us to know the necessity of timely action toward peaceful solutions. Yet, the U.S. Government is operating on a model that creates war, not peace.
          I would like to ask you all to reference one of the groups above, or to find people with whom you might study and learn and find ways to create models that show the world that we are one. Coming from an arts background, I believe in collaboration.  What are our models as a culture and as a country?
How can we become one world if we can’t work together?
Let Us Pray…
With love,
Rev. Jane



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