We are Pruning!!

ImageHello Friends,
              Happy Fall Equinox!  There is a wonderful teaching from the book of Ecclesiastes about paying attention to the seasons: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…”
               It reminds us that for every project there is a natural cycle. If you work with the rhythm of the seasons, the result will be much more productive than if you work against it. Planting a seed is the first step in a plant’s life cycle. That process continues with the sprouting of the seed, followed by its growth and eventual flowering. 
             Seven years ago, I planted some fruit trees in the garden of my California home. Based upon the first couple years of their lives, I honestly had no idea how luscious and fertile these plants would become. They are now mature, and include citrus, banana, peach and fig trees. Not only have they grown, and given much fruit, but they need to be pruned regularly to give them a chance at a long and healthy life. 
             Almost two years ago a new place was planted in Manhattan, and we called it Sanctuary NYC. What an amazing ride it has been! We have supported many people at our Sunday spiritual gatherings, hosted salons and classes and special events such as a winter documentary film series, a new play reading series, and a rare appearance by the 12 Indigenous Grandmothers and Mayan elders from Guatemala. We have created beautiful music during our weekly services and presented a choir concert that was professional in every element.
             As we prepare to celebrate our second anniversary, the time for some shaping and pruning is at hand. What is our plant trying to be? We are excited about our two year anniversary celebration, to be held on the exact anniversary of our founding onWednesday Oct 23 at a gallery in Harlem. On that date, we will be treated to artistic expressions from across disciplines, as we enjoy each other’s company and take in the amazing power of our anniversary day.
             The DNA of Sanctuary NYC lies at the core of the flourishing plant of the artistic and spiritual community we have cultivated over the past two years. Our anniversary event will represent that essence and we hope to see you all there. 
            Meanwhile, please join us this Sunday for a service led by Reverend Karen Osit.
We are pruning!
We are celebrating!
It’s a new season!
Happy fall.
Rev. Jane

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