A New Story To Tell

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends and Fellow Travelers,
             I have just come in from our two year anniversary celebration.  It was a beautiful night revealing both who we have been and who we have the potential to become.  The celebration took place at Raw Space in Harlem where the art and the vibe of the room supported our work in new and exciting ways.
             This coming Sunday’s service will be a very special one.  We are grateful to West Park Presbyterian for opening their doors to us two years ago. It was a freezing October when we went over there, and we spent a lot of time shivering until the boiler was installed. We lost some traction because of it perhaps, but we really saw the potential of a great partnership there, and we are grateful for all of the adventures over the years.
             This Sunday we will be honoring West Park, and closing the conversation with that space for now.  If you have been a part of this adventure we invite you to join us as we close an era by co-creating a giant kinetic art piece as part of the service.  We will be taking one week off after this Sunday’sservice, and then there will be a new story to tell.  More on that next week.
             It is not so easy to change a name it turns out, but we will be attempting to do just that over the next few weeks. We will be changing the form of our gathering and our working name. You will still be able to access news about our progress on the Sanctuary NYC Facebook page, even as we work out the technicalities.
             Thank you so, so much for being part of our virtual and physical community.  You are treasured beyond words.  ART is the medium, culture is the conversation, Spirit is the reason, its expression is essential and so much more. 
Stay tuned, my friends.
Keep creating.
See you Sunday.
Peace out,
Rev. Jane




ImageHey, hey Sanctuary NYC Friends,
             It is hard to believe that we are about to celebrate two years as a community. We started as a kind of radical recovery room after the sudden closing of Sacred Center NY, and over the years I think that recovery has happened. People have found their right places, and hopefully worked out the issues that troubled or confused them in relation to that era. We created so many fabulous happenings together as Sanctuary NYC, including the hosting of Mayan elders from Guatemala, a major and amazing choir concert, a winter documentary series, the Hear It Out new play series and lots more.
             Join us on Wednesday October 23, from 6:30-9:30 pm to CELEBRATE two amazing and successful years of life together. It will be a great party.  The two year mark is a perfect time to close out the “recovery room” function, and birth a new incarnation.  We will be dong that as a part of the party, so stay tuned!
             Some of you are on this mailing list because you were a part of the Sacred Center list.  We hope you have enjoyed keeping up with the process, and we want to give you this opportunity to let us know if you would like to stay connected to our next expression, or if you would like to close this chapter out by unsubscribing.
Whatever you choose, please know we are GRATEFUL for you, we know your path has enriched ours just by being connected in cyber space. Bless you, all of you.
             You will LOVE the artists that are going to be part of this party. Looking forward to seeing you there.  Image Nation Gallery on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. between 120th and 121st St, Wednesday October 23rd, 6:30-9:30 pm.
It’s a potluck, so bring something fabulous, rock your party clothes and join us!!!
             And of course join us Sunday at 2 at West Park for week three of Prosperity Principles:  The Depth Story…
Make the world better.
Your unique voice is your gift.
Find it, Share it.

The Mayans Predicted It!!



 Have you noticed how the US Congress is falling apart? I mean, really. Whatever was almost working is now totally not working. This dysfunction affects millions of people who rely on our government functioning:  families and children and schools and veterans to name a few. 
             So here is something to think about. I have a background in Family Systems Therapy. Virginia Satir is credited as the founder of this movement that moved the psychotherapeutic model from one of treating an individual in isolation, to considering the culture of the family system of that person as part of the healing. Nothing exists in a vacuum.  If a person changes his thinking but then returns to a dysfunctional system, the chances of regressing are high. In America right now, we are living in a broken system.
             One year ago, we had a visit from a group of Mayan spiritual elders from Guatemala who made it very clear that systems would be breaking down worldwide in the coming year. There is no question that this is happening. To use outdated systems of thought from different contexts to fix our current problems is not going to work.  So what should we do?
             Communication begins with you and with me. It starts with speaking openly and with integrity and dealing honorably with one another. When we change our thinking, and challenge the way we relate to one another, we open an energetic flow for change. Let’s fix this thing!
See you Sunday at 2 pm
We love to see your face,

So What Do YOU Think??



ImageDear Sanctuary NYC Peeps,
             I hope you are having a wonderful early fall. The seasons change and the world goes on, even if the U.S. government closes down. This is a helpful truth to remember.
             Have you noticed that we have become a pundit/Google nation? In the past several weeks, I shared information with very intelligent folks. Two of them responded with what someone else on Google said about the topic. I asked a third person to tell me his opinion, and he also responded with a link from an internet search. 
             But what I want to know is, what do YOU think??
             It is critical, especially during the dramatic paradigm shift we have been experiencing since October 2012, for people to be awake. We need to reclaim our critical thinking skills, and our powers of observation and discernment, and take some time to decide, ok, so what DO I think about these issues.
             Fundamentalist groups persuade people to follow crazy ideas by convincing them that they don’t know how to think. The opposite tack is frankly one of the qualities I like best about Jesus. He never answers a question directly when he is called upon to heal or transform. He always asks the person in need of healing if he or she is ready to be healed. 
             I would like to challenge you in this very interesting moment to think about how the government would run if YOU were in a position to influence events. What priorities would you emphasize? How would you like to see the healthcare system work?  And as you think about this, have a conversation with somebody about it. Then VOTE for the candidate you think will best represent the world you see as the right one.
             I would love to hear what YOU think, not what Google thinks, or what some charismatic leader told you, or …  You get my point.
             Sunday will be a GREAT day. Can’t wait to see everyone.  I have had a really wonderful trip to CA, and have much to share with you.  We also have some planning to do for our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY.
So come on out and tell us what YOU THINK:)
We love to hear your face – for real,
Rev. Jane