The Mayans Predicted It!!



 Have you noticed how the US Congress is falling apart? I mean, really. Whatever was almost working is now totally not working. This dysfunction affects millions of people who rely on our government functioning:  families and children and schools and veterans to name a few. 
             So here is something to think about. I have a background in Family Systems Therapy. Virginia Satir is credited as the founder of this movement that moved the psychotherapeutic model from one of treating an individual in isolation, to considering the culture of the family system of that person as part of the healing. Nothing exists in a vacuum.  If a person changes his thinking but then returns to a dysfunctional system, the chances of regressing are high. In America right now, we are living in a broken system.
             One year ago, we had a visit from a group of Mayan spiritual elders from Guatemala who made it very clear that systems would be breaking down worldwide in the coming year. There is no question that this is happening. To use outdated systems of thought from different contexts to fix our current problems is not going to work.  So what should we do?
             Communication begins with you and with me. It starts with speaking openly and with integrity and dealing honorably with one another. When we change our thinking, and challenge the way we relate to one another, we open an energetic flow for change. Let’s fix this thing!
See you Sunday at 2 pm
We love to see your face,

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