ImageHey, hey Sanctuary NYC Friends,
             It is hard to believe that we are about to celebrate two years as a community. We started as a kind of radical recovery room after the sudden closing of Sacred Center NY, and over the years I think that recovery has happened. People have found their right places, and hopefully worked out the issues that troubled or confused them in relation to that era. We created so many fabulous happenings together as Sanctuary NYC, including the hosting of Mayan elders from Guatemala, a major and amazing choir concert, a winter documentary series, the Hear It Out new play series and lots more.
             Join us on Wednesday October 23, from 6:30-9:30 pm to CELEBRATE two amazing and successful years of life together. It will be a great party.  The two year mark is a perfect time to close out the “recovery room” function, and birth a new incarnation.  We will be dong that as a part of the party, so stay tuned!
             Some of you are on this mailing list because you were a part of the Sacred Center list.  We hope you have enjoyed keeping up with the process, and we want to give you this opportunity to let us know if you would like to stay connected to our next expression, or if you would like to close this chapter out by unsubscribing.
Whatever you choose, please know we are GRATEFUL for you, we know your path has enriched ours just by being connected in cyber space. Bless you, all of you.
             You will LOVE the artists that are going to be part of this party. Looking forward to seeing you there.  Image Nation Gallery on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. between 120th and 121st St, Wednesday October 23rd, 6:30-9:30 pm.
It’s a potluck, so bring something fabulous, rock your party clothes and join us!!!
             And of course join us Sunday at 2 at West Park for week three of Prosperity Principles:  The Depth Story…
Make the world better.
Your unique voice is your gift.
Find it, Share it.

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