A New Story To Tell

Dear Sanctuary NYC Friends and Fellow Travelers,
             I have just come in from our two year anniversary celebration.  It was a beautiful night revealing both who we have been and who we have the potential to become.  The celebration took place at Raw Space in Harlem where the art and the vibe of the room supported our work in new and exciting ways.
             This coming Sunday’s service will be a very special one.  We are grateful to West Park Presbyterian for opening their doors to us two years ago. It was a freezing October when we went over there, and we spent a lot of time shivering until the boiler was installed. We lost some traction because of it perhaps, but we really saw the potential of a great partnership there, and we are grateful for all of the adventures over the years.
             This Sunday we will be honoring West Park, and closing the conversation with that space for now.  If you have been a part of this adventure we invite you to join us as we close an era by co-creating a giant kinetic art piece as part of the service.  We will be taking one week off after this Sunday’sservice, and then there will be a new story to tell.  More on that next week.
             It is not so easy to change a name it turns out, but we will be attempting to do just that over the next few weeks. We will be changing the form of our gathering and our working name. You will still be able to access news about our progress on the Sanctuary NYC Facebook page, even as we work out the technicalities.
             Thank you so, so much for being part of our virtual and physical community.  You are treasured beyond words.  ART is the medium, culture is the conversation, Spirit is the reason, its expression is essential and so much more. 
Stay tuned, my friends.
Keep creating.
See you Sunday.
Peace out,
Rev. Jane

1 thought on “A New Story To Tell

  1. The anniversary party was wonderful! I am so glad that I will also be able to attend Sunday’s closing celebration at West Park. Sanctuary has been an important part of my development and now I can fully give my thanks to all I have loved and have grown with. I know that our future holds so much promise.

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