Dangerous, Safe, Inspiring



ImageHi there,
             Well, this has been a packed couple of weeks. TRIBE is a reality.  We have had one great whole event, and are looking forward to the next two weeks.  I haven’t stopped working for uh, let’s see…   Well, I can’t remember so you get the point.
             Here is what I want to say today, to all of you who have helped this moment to happen. I know you are a part of the action that has been necessary to pull and push the conversation to this point.  I recognize your role in not letting happen some choices that seemed like an easier way to be.  Some of the people and circumstances that have pulled this moment into reality have come in the form of what I would have called at the time “Things that didn’t work out the way I hoped.” But honestly I can see that if those things HAD worked out, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And where is that you ask?
             First of all, I really need a nap.  Secondly, I feel both more alone than I ever have as well as more supported. Paradox: That’s how the Wisdom Path works.  And thirdly, we are poised at the edge of an exciting range of possibilities that have the potential to really serve the world and THAT is really, really cool.

             I heard an old bio of mine read at an event the other day, and I was amazed at how it sounded like what I am truly doing now. The work I have been working toward for years is this conversation about ART and the spiritual path and mental health and creativity and purpose.  And here we are doing it!!  We are creating this new reality in Harlem, where entrepreneurial ventures have found fertile ground for more than a century. 
             I am trying to both tell you something here and keep it a secret at the same time  because it is just coming into form, and I feel protective. If you will take a look at the photos below from last Sunday at the Raw Space Gallery, you will get a feel for what it is.
             If you are interested, I hope you join us this Sunday at 11 am at 121st and Adam Clayton Powell.  This week it will be a depth poem read by the amazing Caraid O’Brien, a fine art experience with two fine artists, and a song about “the process” sung by Greg Halpen ( aka DJ Greg). There will be a message from me too and our theme will be “Outside and Inside.”
             This is God’s idea through me. It’s performance art, it’s a spiritual gathering, it’s dangerous and safe and inspiring. Go deeper. Let your elbows hear and your stomach sing.
See you soon,

Photos courtesy of Jeffrey Lepinske


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