See you at the DOOR!!!



Hello Friends,
          For many years I have been attempting to combine ministry and art in a way that transcends doctrine, opens doors between cultures and transforms individuals and communities to experience the G-d within them.
          My 2004 doctoral Dissertation for Claremont School of Theology begins: “The metaphor of the open door between the earthly realm and the seat of Heaven in Revelation 4:1 has emerged as a biblical metaphor for the intermediate realm in which the arts live.  The prophetic vision that John perceives as an open door can be understood to represent a doorway between the present and the eternal future, a gate between the earthly level of awareness and the realm of God, a passageway through which the Spirit travels in order to access the Presence. This doorway is a place where art and ritual can combine to create change, a channel, through which a spiritual Right of Passage may move.”
          I have created many embodied experiments to put flesh on the bone of this basic passion. T.R.I.B.E. is the latest, and frankly, because it is NOW, it lives…NOW.  The point of all of my work is to create an opening for people to access God.  I am a passionate artist, lover of people and believer in the power of the Source of All Creation to breathe LIFE more abundant into us and through us. Once awakened, I know that we each become powerful channels of the All that Is.
          When I say that Ministers aren’t going to change the world, artists are, I am being provocative. Ministry IS an art.  It would be my great hope that ALL people, including ministers (I am one too after all) will access the artistry of their role to become change agents for good.  The dogma of institutional religion can often become what the conversation is about; Institutions need to hold onto their rules to stay viable. It is my prayer, however, that there is a way to gather for Transformation that unites and inspires and does not exclude.
          This Sunday is the third of three Focus Group/ special experiments to see what T.R.I.B.E. might become.  So far, the experience has been amazing.  This Sunday Ramon Thielen will be dancing for us, and the curated artistic melange will be around the topic “Metaphor, Symbols and Dreams’.  After this Sunday, we will be taking a break to reboot, assimilate and allow the MUSE to direct us. Our next gathering will be onSunday December 15th at Raw Space Gallery. And then we shall break again until the new year.
          Check out our Facebook page. Join us Sunday.  I shall meet you at the DOOR!
          God is love. Love one another.

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