The Conversation Is Why We Exist




Dear Friends,
             I have been thinking about the piece James read last Sunday ever since he read it.  He talked about Tony, the Italian owner of the corner store where James grew up in Harlem; about all the IOU’s Tony floated for so many of his customers and all the hungry people he made sure got something to eat.
             When the crack epidemic came to their neighborhood, Tony told the guys, “You all take that stuff outside. You can’t sell it in here.” Some of the people who Tony had helped the most called him racist when he set that boundary.

              I am impressed with the way that James looked at his own discomfort when taking his white girlfriend around his friends and said,  “It’s me Oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer.”  I just keep thinking about that piece James read last Sunday…
             Our theme was “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” and we discussed Carl Jung, and archetypes and the deep human need to connect to something bigger than ourselves and to experience ecstasy. We need ecstasy it turns out, like we need water and air. How we go about accessing ecstasy is really the issue.  Dr. Jung said that when we “dismantled Mt. Olympus, we turned the gods into symptoms.”  
             We will be taking a couple of Sundays off to let some light and rest into the conversation. Our next gathering will be at 11am on Sunday Dec. 15th, at Raw Space Gallery on Adam Clayton Powell and 121st St.
             We are a multi ethnic group who are meeting to understand how we might be a part of a new world through depth teachings and community and the ARTS, and we are meeting in Harlem, NY. The surrounding community has embraced us with graciousness, and it is important to say that we do not take this in any way for granted. 
             To have the conversation is why we exist. This IS the meaning for us. Ideally, this is the gift we all will bring forth collectively: a new answer to how we might be a force for good, for our youth, and our elders, and to ask the hard questions so that we might begin to really hear one another and the voice of all creation.
Each Sunday so far has been a blessing and a miracle.
I just keep thinking about that piece James read last Sunday.
Love one another. Help somebody and don’t get found out.

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