Harlem On My Mind





Dear T.R.I.B.E.,
             What an adventure it has been! In a little over three months, we have created a miracle together at Raw Space Gallery. Our work has been deep and fun and focused and celebratory, inspiring, educational, transcendent and immanent and well simply, amazing. We are living a model of something that frankly, others are talking about thinking about.  It is thrilling to have shared this time of creation with you.
             My desire has always been to share with people, who are not actors, the immersive experience of oneness that working on a play or film creates for the cast members. I believe that the liminal zone in which we create, and from which we retrieve the archetypes and understandings of the characters we have been entrusted to play is “the place where you and I are one.”  That is the simple wish that has undergirded all of this schooling and community building and organizational wrangling in which I have engaged for years now. Simply:  I want to create a LIVED experience of the oneness that is the reality of our existence, so that people who may never darken the doorway of a church will be able to access God, community and life more abundant, AND that they may take what they receive from that experience into the world to make it a better place.
             T.R.I.B.E. embodies that dream, and so much more! It works, we know it, and now it needs infrastructure, classes, a bibliography. To develop these takes time and the ability to hang out in the invisible for awhile. And I really, really, REALLY need a break.
             This coming Sunday at 11 a.m. at Raw Space Gallery in Harlem, we will be spending a couple of hours together as always. We encourage you to bring some food and thoughts to share.  Be prepared to set an intention for these next weeks and months while we allow the idea to find legs. Our goal is to meet once a month in NYC, eventually once a month in Southern California as well, and to share our wonderful idea with many people beyond the two coasts.
             I will be moving back to Southern CA, and ideally travelling eastward once a month when we begin the new schedule. We will continue to send the newsletter, perhaps a bit less frequently, but regularly. We are honestly humbled by the interest in and support for this new idea from many, in so many different places! We especially want to thank our friends at Raw Space, for opening a door into the rich Harlem community for us. We thank Rev. Bob Brashear and the folks at West Park for similar hospitality for an earlier incarnation.
And we thank YOU. Without you, we would not “be”.
             Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday, the last Sunday in the first month of 2014, to share some rich fellowship, to be inspired and to call forth the future.  Raw Space Gallery is on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd between 121st and 122nd St in Harlem, U.S.A.
See you there Sunday.
With love and deep appreciation for the journey so far,

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