Artists Are Shamans- A Deeper Calling Through Your Art




Hello NYC,

In 1987 I left New York, moved to Los Angeles and began to try and heal from the deaths of too many friends in the theatre who had AIDS. This move opened me to the wonderful world of West Coast Theatre (South Coast Rep, Mark Taper Forum, Old Globe, LATC, Marvin’s Room at the Tiffany), many television guest roles, starring roles, a feature film and work in Europe and “the provinces”. I also had the great pleasure of becoming a drama therapist, where I worked with people in transition of one kind or another. I also received a mid career transition scholarship from the Screen Actor’s Guild, and returned to school to earn both masters and doctoral degrees in religion, become an ordained minister in the historic AME Church, pastor a church in CA for 11 years, as well as found an Arts Education Nonprofit to serve the youth of Long Beach.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I realized that artists are at heart more altruistic than ministers. This was a shock, but not a surprise:) Religion is too often about power and control; art is about creative access to the deeper realms. I focused my Doctoral work, and subsequent work at USC Passing the Mantle program on trying to join together ministry and art.

I longed to share with my dear friends and colleagues in the arts, especially those from the New York theatre, some of the deep awareness I experienced while studying the Nagg Hammadi Scrolls, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the teachings of the wise ones. I thought about presenting these ideas in a friend’s living room, someplace, to open those I love so dearly to their own deeper calling – THROUGH THEIR ART.

The death of Phillip Hoffman and so many others has made us keenly aware that fame isn’t any kind of answer. Artists are shamans but traditional shamans know they have a calling. Artists have to worry so much about making a living that we become commodified versions of ourselves.

I have gathered some amazing talent for the evening of Monday April 28th, at the Pearl Studios in Chelsea to riff on the idea “Being Alive As Long as we are Living”. Award winning composer Debra Barsha and some of the cast of Radiant Baby- The Keith Haring musical, will join master photographer Niki Berg, Poet/Actor Alchemist Caraid O’Brien, and me and hopefully YOU to retrieve some of our power from the Invisible. We will marvel at what makes us resilient, laugh and talk and share some time retrieving our sacred selves from the pile of resume shots:)

Due to popular demand, this evening of TRIBE will be live streamed so that our friends in Los Angeles and around the world can join us online by clicking this link.

My friend and brilliant writer/director Stuart Ross will be herding us, directing the flow:)

This is my gift to you my friends.
It is finally happening for one night!!
You will tell me if you think it has value for you.
You will add your magical mojo to the mix, on Dark Night…

“Being Alive,” as Bobby said/sang in Company, is what we are asking about here among the spirits of our departed friends who will be with us that night too.

Sending love across the quantum field.



Being Alive As Long As We’re Living



T.R.I.B.E. Newsletter –
April 3, 2014


Dear Friends,

Please save the date- Monday Evening April 28th, 7-9 pm at Pearl studios, for an evening of T.R.I.B.E. The theme is :”Being Alive As Long As We Are Living”

Our guest artists will be photographer Niki Berg, Composer Debra Barsha and members of the cast of Radiant Baby, a dynamic musical about artist Keith Haring, Praise Poet Caraid O’Brien, Words by Jane Galloway…all directed by Stuart Ross.

The focus of this work remains to educate and inspire both artists and those who appreciate the arts to respect the Sacred, shamanic role of the artist, and the artist in all of us.

Please enjoy this video, “Putting It Together”.

Keep creating,