Keeping Alive



Dear Friends,

A friend said something in response to looking at the T.R.I.B.E. website that I think is right to the point. He said that the language is strong, and the philosophy strong, but how do you make that tangible in the world?

For over three months, T.R.I.B.E. held weekly gatherings at Raw Space Gallery in Harlem.
The gatherings were inspirational and transformational. They each begin with a guided meditation, then move on to a live performance from some genre. Some of those we have featured included an improvisational jazz violinist, a live drip painting created in real time, a ballet piece by a lead dancer from the Akun ballet, a monologue delivered by an actor, the presentation of many works of visual or performing art, These were all tied together by praise poet Caraid O’Brien’s preparation for the talk, which is delivered by me.

The artists upon whom I drew for my message include Kandinsky, Louise Bourgeois, Jesus, Buddha,Carl Jung, Vincent Van Gogh, Stanislavsky, Stravinsky and more. I also teach a great deal from the Nagg Hammadi Scrolls, the Bible, and other wisdom texts.
After my talk, we invite the artists of the day to join me in a conversation about a depth topic. One week we discussed resilience, another healing from loss, another the artist’s role in the political. It always ties back to the theme of the day.

People had epiphanies, began to build community and even expressed a feeling that recovery from deep wounds seemed possible through the weaving together of spiritual practice, live art, reflection, an inspirational talk and the encouragement of those of like mind.

So that is how we make it tangible in the world.
We moved to a Midtown rehearsal studio for an electric event on April 28th, and after that we have heard from so many of you.
You want us to continue meeting.
Some of you said you had been praying for something like this, and others of you said this was what church should be like.

We are thrilled to hear from all of you.

We agree.

We know now that T.R.I.B.E. works.

It seems like a once a month gathering is the perfect thing.
The plan includes other gatherings in between the monthly big one, but we don’t want to give too much away yet.

Here is the point.
In order to continue, to find a stable home in a central location in NYC, and to meet monthly, we need to raise the funds to support the great model.

That is the answer to my friend’s question.
We have the model, and the way we make it tangible in the world, is to raise the funds to support the work.

If twenty more people sign up to be a weekly contributor by clicking on the Donate button, we will begin to have a start.

The button is on this page, on our website, It takes on a few minutes to establish an account.

If we had a hundred people sign up to be weekly supporters…well we could really rock this thing:)

I developed this model over years of work in California and at salons in NYC, and it is exciting and meaningful beyond belief for me to be so close to really seeing it take off on both coasts.

I would love nothing more than to host you in a movement of creativity and Spirit so dynamic that our world would be really changed for the better by the expression.

Write me if you need specifics at

We have a bottom line figure for committing to a monthly gathering.
We have a great place in mind for our NYC gatherings, and an amazing year of topics ready to roll.

Keep creating friends.
Then share the gift,

Peace out,


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